Summer Feet – Foot Cream

Summer Feet – Foot Cream


The Best Foot Cream ever. Even if I say so myself


Brown Angel Natural – Best Selling Summer Feet has Peppermint oil which is often used for muscle aches, inflammation, bruising, itching and skin irritation. Though Peppermint oil has not been studied for muscle aches, it’s strong smell can also help combat foot odor.


Lavender oil is a good choice for getting rid of athlete’s foot and toenail infections. Lavender oil also promotes relaxation and aids circulation some of it properties is that it help Strengthen immunity, soothe sore or inflamed muscles, Resolve skin conditions. Reduce pain & Lower inflammation.


Geranium helps give your muscles a toned appearance. It helps prevent bacterial infections, helps improve blood circulation just below the surface of the skin and helping promote an equal distribution of melanin.


Calendula is used for its effective anti-haemorrhagic properties, and has anti-inflammatory, healing, and antiseptic properties,.


The combination of these oils help to Moisturize and help cracked heels. Heal bleeding cracks. Exfoliate excess dead cells. Relieve burning or tingling pain in cracked heels & Fight off fungi that’s a major cause of cracked heels and help in cell regeneration.


This foot cream not only treat your feet but will leave it soft and supple.


Excellent to help feet in All Seasons especially Party Season


120ml – £18.00



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