Young Black

Being Young Black And Successful is a must in today’s society. We all have our own dreams and aspirations, for many being young black and successful is one.

The Importance Of Being Young Black And Successful

The longer we live, the more we are at risk of experiencing the pain of regret. We look back, realize our life wasn't what it was meant to be, and find ourselves wishing that we'd made certain decisions at an early age that would have given us a brighter future. - young black and successfull - photo by - young black and successfull - photo by eye-for-ebony-402230 - Young Black And Successful - Photo By Eye-For-Ebony-402230

Why is it important to teach our youth to be young black and successful ?

Millions of Black People over the age of 35 are trapped by decisions of their past, many of which were made without the guidance of someone who could tell them how to avoid the problems that waited for them down the road.

Dr Boyce Watkins is a world-leading financial expert with a PhD in Finance. He is the founder of The Black Business School and has taught thousands of students from around the world. He's appeared on major television and radio shows, including The Breakfast Club and many others, where he has become the go to guide for anyone seeking to play the wealth game at the highest levels.
This program is your definitive blueprint on everything a young person needs to know in order to achieve their wildest dreams.

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