Why Don’t Black People Support Black Businesses

Why don't black people support black businesses Ebony Directory.com Black Business Directory photo by Ron Mader

Why don’t black people support black businesses ?

Great Question ‘Why don’t black people support black businesses?’

The simple fact of the matter is that many black people don’t support black businesses, however there is a large number of black people who DO support black businesses.

There are alot of reasons why this is. In fact there are countless reasons.

Everyone has their own particular reason or excuse why they do or do not support black businesses.

Why don't black people support black businesses Ebony Directory.com Black Business Directory photo by Ron Mader
Why don’t black people support black businesses

There are also historical reasons why or why not for both sides.

Either way it is something that needs to be addressed by the black community to ensure that we have continued financial growth instead of decline.

There is a video by Maggie Anderson who gives an excellent insight into some of the reasons ‘why don’t black people support black businesses’.

Believe it or not, one of the reasons is fear.

In her video Maggie Anderson explains that there was a time when black business owners had their businesses destroyed or were murdered because of their success. This led to many black people being fearful that the same would happen to them if they started a business or became successful in business.

Additionally black people have become somewhat fearful of each other.
This is easy to understand because of the way we have treated each other over the years.

Unfortunately some of us still treat each other badly in our day to day interactions. There is also an element of distrust within the black community.
Again this is because of the way we treat each other on a daily basis.

Something that is worth looking into is the fact that we as a people have been portrayed in a very negative way for hundreds of years, accept it or not that other races have had an active hand in this, and we are slowly realising that we are not all bad!

With the technological era that we are now in and the research facilities and resources that are now available, many of us are beginning to become aware of how great a race we always have been, are and will continue to be.

There are now hundreds if not thousands of pieces of documented evidence that prove how great a people we truly are.

We have and will continue to excel in almost every field this world has known. Whether it’s academics, medicine, sports, music, acting, literature, technology, inventions, the military, politics, engineering and business to name a few – collectively we always exceed expectations.

When we begin to look at the accomplishments we have made as a race, we should start to feel a sense of pride in ourselves.

This sense of racial pride will be what pulls us together to support each other in our (positive) endeavours.

As well as looking at why don’t black people support black businesses, this article aims to encourage black people to support and PROMOTE black business.

Here are a few reasons why we need to do this:

If we invest more financially in ourselves AND keep re-investing in our selves AND teach future generations to do the same, we will be better positioned financially to give ourselves:

better education
better health care
better living standards
better quality of life
……. the list is endless.

If we look at the advancements that the other races are making we will easily see that supporting their own in terms of business is what gives them the foundation to compete on a global scale.

Just think of all of the major companies in the world.
They ALL started small, and with the support of their own race, they grew and are now worth billions. So we now invest in them / purchase from them (which is actually the same thing) without a second thought.

We can do this too.

But we must SUPPORT and PROMOTE each other in order to achieve this.

Is it possible in years to come the question will no longer be ‘why don’t black people support black businesses ?’
Instead it could be ‘why do black people only support black businesses ?’

Another interesting article which looks at this problem is by Lisa-Marie Pierre.

One response to “Why Don’t Black People Support Black Businesses”

  1. Excellent article that addresses some fundamental issues not only about the attitude of black businesses, but also the mindset of SOME back people.

    Firstly SOME black business owners should review how they treat their customers and question their customer services.

    Stereotypes sometimes report the truth. If you are of a certain age I’m sure that you will never forget the ‘Misery’ sketch from :
    The Real McCoy comedy show

    I firmly believe in supporting black businesses, however it is so much easier when you feel your custom is appreciated and valued. I have had experiences when I was looked at in such a demeaning way; even though I was supporting their business. If my custom is not valued in ANY shop, why should I return?

    I firmly agree that we as black people do not spend our money within our community. The black pound (I am in England) has to be valued. The Pink Pound is worth up to £6 billion a year, because the LGBTIQ community largely spend within their community. Of course this means they have greater economic clout!

    How much is the black pound worth? In 2014, London’s black community had £4.5 billion spending power. But how much of that is spent in black owned businesses?

    Another stereotype here. We as black people seem to get jealous of other people success and rather than support them, we put them down or go elsewhere.

    Turtle Bay is one of the most successful ‘Caribbean’ restaurants in the UK. In fact it is a national chain. Why has no black owned restaurant chain succeeded in the UK before? Could the fact that Turtle Bay is not black owned and the clientele is largely non-black provide a clue?

    So going forward, hopefully the younger generation will value and support black businesses.

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