Why are our black youths killing each other?

There is a serious problem that needs answering. Why are our black youths killing each other? This has been headline news over the last few years globally.

Why are our black youths killing each other?


There is a serious problem that needs to be answered.  Why are our black youths killing each other?

Although the matter has been headline news over the last few years in the UK as a result of a series of killings in London, England; this is a global issue.

Unlike the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign in the USA, this is not a matter of law enforcement officers killing our youth.  They are not ‘racially motivated’. Nearly all of the killings reported in London are black on black crimes.  Why is this?  Why are our black youths killing each other?  More importantly, what will it take to stop it?

Of course the solution has to be a multi-faceted approach.  We need to tackle:

  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Economic
  • Drugs

How does parenting affect black youths killing each other?

 Of course the issue of parenting has to come top of the list!  In general a child is the reflection of their parents.  It is the parent that installs morals, discipline and sets the boundaries for their child.

Remember the quote by Aristotle, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”  As parents it is vital that we teach our children to respect their elders and peers.

The black community in the UK has changed significantly.  West Indian and Africans who emigrated in the 1950s were the products of the slavery system operated throughout the British Empire.   Most would have had first hand knowledge of slavery.

In many ways the society they left behind was based on the harsh discipline that had been handed down by their slave masters.  So is it any wonder that discipline was strict and involved ‘beatings’?

It’s not surprising that single parenting was widespread, when one or other parent could be sold at the whim of their master.  However many of the Windrush arrivals were married couples, or married men who sent for their wives and families once possible.

Integration into the British system has meant that black family values have changed.  The number of single parents has steadily risen.  Discipline has been taken out of the hand of parents.   And families are now more fragmented.

How does education lead to black youths killing each other?

Statistics can be used to support arguments depending on how they are used.  It’s up to interpretation.  Let’s start with the positive.

There are more black and mixed race in higher education than before.

In 2015 the numbers of black candidates that gained places in Russell Group universities (i.e. prestige universities including Oxford, Cambridge etc) had increased by 62% from 1,690 in 2010 to 2,740 in 2015.

In a report on Black and ethnic minority students at the University of Oxford

16% of black students living in the UK who applied to the University of Oxford in 2017 were offered a place, compared to 26% of white students.

Over the last three years, the average is 17% for black students and 27% for white students.


The same report stated that “You are twice as likely to get into the University of Oxford as a white applicant (24%) than a black applicant (12%).”

In fact a quarter of Oxford colleges did not admit a single black student in a whole year group at least once between 2015 and 2017.

Oxford University is comprised of 38 colleges. Out of those, 8 colleges are less than 1% black.

“For medicine and dentistry courses, the study found only 0.3% of the intake were from black Caribbean families – representing 25 students.”

“This was the lowest proportion of any ethnic minority group – compared with almost 3% who were black African, 11% Indian and 5% Pakistani and 2% Chinese.”

Black students are 50% more likely to drop out of higher education.

While this makes interesting reading, how does education lead to black youths killing each other?

Well that’s easy.  It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the better qualified you are, the better chances you have.

Interesting reading:


How does the economy lead to black youths killing each other?

The fact is that the majority of black on black youth killings occur in our major cities.

Exactly 10 years ago in 2008, the subprime mortgage market saw the collapse of Lehman Brothers investment bank.

This led to the financial crisis that economists believe was the worst financial crisis since the 1930s.

In the UK, the Conservatives were elected to power.  The party promised a period of austerity – which it is still delivering!

However, it seems that this is targeted on those less well off.  During the 10 years of austerity, London has become the home of the super-rich.

Is it any wonder that the youth are becoming increasingly dismissive of a society that they see as failing?

London in particular is seeing a drastic socio-economic revolution.

  • Soaring house prices
  • A limiting private rental market
  • Capping of welfare benefits
  • Zero hours employment ‘contracts’

are just a few of the problems that are placing a vast number of families under growing financial pressure.

Whole communities are being ‘gentrified’ with the new properties unaffordable to many.  In 2017 a first London home cost around £400,000.  The deposit required to secure a mortgage was £90,000.

It was reckoned that in order to buy a London home, buyers would need over 7 times the average salary.

Where does that leave the many black youths who do not earn nowhere near this median salary of £34,000 per year?

I say again, is it any wonder that the youth are becoming increasingly dismissive of a society that they see as failing them?

There is a simple solution to many youths and in particular black youths.

Why the increased use of drugs leads to black youths killing each other

Here is a simple truth.  Most people under the age of 60 either have used, tried or know someone who uses recreational drugs.

In the UK, it was only recently that the Government had a re-think on legal highs.

These legal highs are psychoactive drugs that produce similar effects to illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy.

If there is a market, then there will be a supplier – fact!  Does this explain why the increased use of drugs leads to black youths killing each other?

The drugs business is a major business.  Like all businesses in order to expand it needs to retain its current clients and grow its customer base.

Crack cocaine and heroin are highly addictive drugs that can lead to serious dependency issues.

Modern drugs are rarely natural or unadulterated.  Chemicals have been added to cannabis to increase the potency.  Regular use of the resulting ‘Skunk’ has been shown to cause serious mental issues including psychosis.

The increasing use of recreational drugs is a major concern for every sector of society.

Sometimes a simple issue can become a complex theoretical argument.  Here is a real example.

“I can theoretically get a job that pays £300 per week or I can actually sell drugs and earn £1,000 a day.”  The fact is theory does not pay the rent, buy you food or the clothes you need.

So while parents are out working to pay the ever increasing bills, some youths are seeing the struggle and choosing another lifestyle.

For those who go down this path, it soon becomes clear that “this is not a joke thing.”  Any business that is successful has its rivals and competitors. The fallout of takeovers in this industry is playing a major part in why our black youths are killing each other.

Harry James

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