Why Use An Online Black Business Directory

Why Use An Online Black Business Directory - Ebony Directory.com - olu-eletu-38647

Why Use An Online Black Business Directory ?

What is the point of using an online black business directory.

We are all familiar with the Yellow pages, Thompson’s local, 192.com, Yell.com, Yelp.com, Just Eat.com, Hungry House.com, etc.

However are we familiar with our own directories, the directories that support and are often the source customers for black businesses in the online world.

Fortunately the popularity of the online black business directory is steadily growing.

A few years ago there were only a handful, now there are over a dozen.

Each serves a particular aspect of the black community. Why Use An Online Black Business Directory - Ebony Directory.com - olu-eletu-38647Some provide links to businesses within a specific location or country. Some serve a particular industry or specialise in selling products manufactured by black people and businesses from around the world.

But why should we support these directories ?

In another article here on EbonyDirectory.com, ‘Why Don’t Black People Support Black Businesses‘ we looked at some of the historical and current reasons why we do and do not.

We also looked at the the benefits that will be gained by supporting black businesses.

Think of this…..

At the moment the most powerful search tool on the Internet is Google.
Did you know that Google’s website is basically a huge directory?

Now let’s think how powerful Google has become…..

This article from Wikipedia details Google’s rise to success, and this page from Google lists all of the products and services that they have been able to create.

It really is worth having a look at the above links as they give a clear indication of how successful an online black business directory can become if the community it is designed for actually use it.

And what would those directories do? That’s right. Realise that there is a demand for black businesses and then promote them even more.

In turn that would lead to more business for their advertisers and more money would then flow within the black community.

Collectively we DO have the power to help each other to raise up as a race.

We are all involved in different industries and professions. Some of us will never need our business, skill, profession or trade to be advertised in an online black business directory.

But this should not stop us from finding out how we CAN USE such directories.

Have a look at the dozens of online black business directories. How can YOU support them ?

Are there products and services you could begin gettting from a black business ?
Do you know anyone who has a black owned business that you could start to support ?
Is there a black owned business who you could refer to someone who needs that particular service or product even if you don’t need it at the moment ?

Now is a great time for us to make that mental shift and start to support and encourage others to support black businesses and online black business directories. We need to acknowledge and accept responsibility for our own future successes and those of our children.

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