Most Successful Financial Strategies

In one’s quest to be a successful person, work ethic and perseverance is the traditional key to reach our dreams. Since we started learning that hard work pays off, we come to think that each step of activity will get us where we want to be. However, for people who want to be self-made millionaires, they know that a lot more is at stake.

In a changing financial mindset, self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre believes that hard work is not enough. The truth is, if hard work is the end of it all then there should be more successful people. After all, can we actually say to ourselves that we have outworked everyone? Even when we worked at our utmost capacity, we know that someone can still outwork us. Thus, when it comes to adapting a millionaire’s mindset, hard work does not hold much water.

This is the value of a successful financial strategy. Along with a changing mindset, financial strategies are a reflection of smart work. As Jamie McIntyre said, “working hard and making money have nothing to do with each other in the 21st century.” Hard work can surely take you places. However, if you want to make money, you have to care more than “working hard.”

Let us take the example of Jamie McIntrye’s father. As a farmer, his father is now a prosperous and financially independent person at his age. Learning from Jamie’s grandfather, his father believed that hard work is the key to success. Even when he became rich he still believed in that. However, hard work is just an integral part of being rich. His father instead found a way to create wealth by buying land at a low price and waited to increase its value over a period of time. All the while, his wealth is created even while sleeping. Where is the hard work in that? Finding a successful strategy is more about intuition and changing perception. Sometimes hard work even blinds us to a point that we stop thinking and that is when things can get frisky. If you want to develop a successful financial strategy, start thinking.

Another well driven financial strategy is finding the opportunities in risks. As you can imagine, these strategies are not your normal laundry methods where you wash, dry, and repeat. Finding the best opportunities involves having the heart and the focus to make tough decisions despite the overwhelming forces that can stop you from acting on your instinct.

Jamie McIntyre continues his family story in driving this point. His mother always wanted a coffee shop that she could own for herself. Seeing the opportunity, her mother bought a coffee shop business. However, when the seller also offered the building where the coffee shop is located, she did not buy it since that would mean borrowing the needed money to finance the purchase of the building.

As the years go by, she struggled to manage her coffee shop to a point that she did not pay herself a salary. What more, she struggled to pay the rent of the building that could have been hers. In the end all her hard work in what seems to be a promising business, turned into more hard work. The spiral continues.

In this example, Jamie McIntyre tells us that if we are presented with an opportunity, it is not enough to think hard. Thinking hard involves being too hesitant while losing the will to act. Meanwhile, thinking smart will allow us to see the opportunities before the hindrances speak to us. Jamie explained that if her mother made the right move and bought the building, she could have been presented with more successful options.

Successful financial strategies come from an evolving financial mindset and the gut to act on your financial instinct. Thus, the biggest return does not come from hard work. Instead, it comes from unlocking keys of wealth creation by working smartly.

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