Mortgage And Debt Elimination In Less Than Half The Time

Imagine paying off your mortgage, credit cards, car loans, and all other debt in less than half the time.

In the US alone there are over 125 million people in debt and that number continues to rise. The majority of them are $50,000 or more in debt including their mortgages, car loans, credit cards & student loans. Every one of them face the prospect of paying off their debt over the course of 30+ years at an average interest cost of $150,000 or more.

Freedom Financial International (FFII) is a debt restructuring company that has been around for 20+ years and has over 50,000 satisfied customers. FFII has established strategic partnerships with M&I bank, Metavante, Prime Lending amongst others back by $45 billion in assets. FFII seeks to assist all those with substantial debt to pay it all off in 6-12 years. This can include a 30 year mortgage, with no out of pocket costs for most clients.

By utilizing FFII’s proprietary PayAccel software, they are able to employ one of 8 different debt elimination products to ensure that clients become debt free. Clients are given a customized plan by which debts are to be paid-showing an average savings of $150,000 in interest and being able to pay off everything up to 30 years earlier. Additionally, most plans include financial success software and a personal financial coach to ensure clients reach their long term goal and remain debt free.

When asked about the usefulness of the program, client Mary says, “It’s really a no-brainer. The plan will be saving my family over $200,000 in interest and I will have my debts paid off in less than 10 years, including my mortgage. The best part is that I will be debt free before my 15 month old son is in high school; it takes off some of the pressure of paying for college.”

FFII has hit a massive growth spurt and is looking to establish a national presence. They have created a marketing arm called Freedom Financial Group (FFG) and are looking for 20,000 additional agents in the next 2 years to help take care of the influx of new clients. Once this goal is reached, they will begin work in Canada and Australia.

“We are looking for leaders, self-starters and entrepreneurs not afraid to succeed,” says Agent 1769. “Once we have found our leaders, then we will focus on client acquisition.”

FFG offers a generous compensation plan which can include up to 70% commissions, physical office allowance and profit sharing. To become an agent there is a one time fee of $10 to process your application. All training is done online and phone support is available. Advanced training and additional income opportunities are available for a one time, refundable $200.

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