Making Low Rate Credit Cards Possible

While plenty of cardholders around the world suffer from unpaid debts due to unsurpassable high interest rates, there are also some who enjoy low rated credit cards plus other benefits. Are there secrets on how to acquire a low interest rate credit cards or owning one that offers rewards?

Several people claim that credit cards are no other than a heavy yoke to their pocket. They would express their heartfelt hate to the credit companies and banks that do not in any way lower their rates though they maintain a good standing and credibility with them. How could these things go possibly true and untrue?

All credit card companies, except otherwise for some that chooses not to, apply the APR or known as the Annual Percentage Rate. APR is the interest being charged by the credit company to the borrowers. This interest rate includes other fees and add-on costs that is part of the transaction. There are other companies that associate APR with the penalties due to late payments, transaction fees and other forms. The APR may serve as the ground rate in which a lender can compare with other companies. There are provisions that mandate credit card companies to show the APR to customers so that the latter may have enough reason to whether go for the said credit line or not depending on the rate. In general, 12 % per annum is the accepted APR that is being asked from the client. However this rate may be changed and made higher but then it will need the approval of the authority. There are banks that convert APR into monthly rates but when compounded, the rate is just equivalent to the APR.

There are still a lot of fees that a credit company may ask from the client. APR is just one of plenty yields that they ask one to pay. But then, these additive rates maybe prevented or are scraped out by you through your company.

There is one possible way to get a low interest rate credit card. That is to look for a card with low APR and offers constant rating as long as your account is active. Here are some pointers in which one may use in order to find a good rate or better yet low interest rate credit cards.

-Beginners must seek for banks or any lending companies that offers low APR and penalty rates. These will help you check on whether you can possibly pay your balances or not. You can also ask the company if the interest rates that they have are constant from the activation of the account. If not, ask if the fluctuations or inflations are small enough that you can bear. Old card holders may call their credit card companies and ask whether they can convert the rates into a lower one. If not, tell them to cancel the account and try to temporarily transfer the balance into your other accounts and then open another with low interest rates.

-Keep yourself updated with the press releases of the Federal Reserve Board. This will help you know the current average accepted rate as compared to your accumulated earnings.

-Maintain a good credibility with your bank. Payment must be done ahead or on time to prevent penalties and to further solicit trust from your credit card company. Many good payers are being cared for by the lending companies.

When all these things does not work for you, then try some other ways without compromising your money and without dumping yourself into a pile of debt.

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