Make Sure You Have A Safety Net To Fall Back On, With Payment Protection

If you have loans or credit cards then you would be wise to give some thought to taking out payment protection insurance to cover the monthly repayments of your commitments. While right now you might be able to safely pay them without a struggle or even on the other hand, you might have already stretched your outgoings to their limit, if you were to come out of work for a period of time then you would still have to keep up the repayments.

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is taken out to ensure that you won’t have to struggle if the worst comes to the worst. It can give you peace of mind and time to get back on your feet and back to work should you be unable to work due to having an accident, long term sickness or involuntary redundancy.

In the majority of cases the cover is offered by the lender at the time of taking out the loan or credit card, and, shockingly, in some cases it is wrongly just added onto the cost of the loan without a consumer even knowing until it’s too late. When you get a quote for a loan you should always ask if the repayments include payment protection insurance. If you want the protection then ask that it be taken off the quote and instead go to an independent provider for your cover.

This is one of the problems surrounding payment protection insurance. The majority of consumers don’t even realise that they can shop around and go independently to a specialist provider in order to get the cheapest premium and quality product. It is not compulsory to buy it from your loan provider.

By going to an independent provider you can shave thousands off the cost you pay for the peace of mind of having payment protection. Another factor when deciding if the cover would be to your advantage is to read the small print of the policy. There can be many exclusions in a policy which can stop you from making a claim so double check that the cover is right for you and your circumstances.

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