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Connect with people, raise money and get support for your cause, business, charity or project

Help My Cause
Crowdfunding And Crowdsourcing



Help My Cause Crowdfunding And Crowdsourcing enables you to create a cause and raise money for it. You can also support other causes.

With so many ways to give, even raising funds for charities has become a harder challenge. Using Help My Cause helps you maximise your fundraising activities, increase awareness of your charity and raise more money.

Your community needs you… Get INVOLVED!
The definition “com·mu·ni·ty noun, kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē a unified body of individuals”
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One of the best ways to make a difference is by helping others to benefit from a project in your local community. You can do something to help your community which could be a skill, experience, a talent, and finances even your time.

Community relationships can lead to long lasting economic relief and benefits for all. So what could you potentially do?

  • Identify community needs
  • Partner with other projects or initiatives
  • Enrich the livelihood of others in your neighbourhood

Great Minds think of Great Ideas
Making your vision come to life through our platform.

Many entrepreneurs have fantastic ideas or projects that can really make a difference and improve the quality of life in their local community. Many innovators alike lack the money and support necessary to succeed. HelpMyCause provides a platform where you can share your ideas, get support both in terms of money by the fundraising capability of the system but also the ability to be able to network and get additional support from the community.


Help My Cause Crowdfunding And Crowdsourcing provides the perfect opportunity for networking. By utilising the power of the Internet, Social Media, coupled with real life events, the possibilities of being connected with the right people to help your cause become endless. Individuals, groups, charities, entrepreneurs in the same community as well as globally can engage easily to share ideas, raise funds and work together for common good.

Young People
A YOUTHFUL Approach to Raising Funds!
Do you have an idea that could revolutionise the world? Would you like to fund a new project in your local community? Perhaps modernising an existing idea? It could be as simple as raising money for your school, college, organisation, team or group.

Help My Cause is a leading national platform in assisting young people to raise funds towards a worthy idea, project or cause.



Raise funds online for your cause or collectively in a group for a charity or another cause. You can create a cause online and invite friends to raise money for it by donating to your PayPal account.

Registration is a very simple process and it’s FREE! Create your account by filling the details on the Sign Up form. You can choose to make your profile public or not.

Create Cause
Once registered you can create your cause by logging into your account.

Invite Friends
The next step is to raise money for your cause. Invite friends and other donors online to get support and start raising funds.


Donate for any cause online. Search for the cause that you would like to support and make payment online.

Registration is a very simple process and it’s FREE! Create your account by filling the details on the Sign Up form. You can choose to make your profile public or not.

Search Cause
You can search for any cause you want to donate to by the persons name or cause name.

Donate to your favourite cause using your PayPal account or credit card.

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