Dynamix School Of Life (DSOL)

Re-education, Wheeled Sports, Circus, Theatre, Leisure

DynamixCic.org is evolving into a Re-education Business and social enterprise.
We have a track record of over 20 years working in grassroots leisure and entertrain-ment, in the northeast of England, teaching everything from Wheeled Sports to Physical Theatre and Circus Skills.

DSOL is a natural evolution into creating a recognised education system that empowers learners with real-life-skills and a sense of responsibility for ones community, backed with superior knowledge, when compared with the knowledge imparted in the classic state school learning environment.

We aim to Repair the learners we are in contact with by tackling the harmful miseducation they may have been subjected to via subliminal programming and indoctrination into european colonial education systems.

Our learners will be of all ages, and will themselves be mentored and mentor fellow learners as they progress in their individual journeys.

All learners will be involved in the social enterprise (trading) nature of the school, creating products and running services that are offered to th public.
We will foster a “learn as you go” environment that rewards learners in various ways including employment and income generation whilst at school.
DSOL will be trailed in Tanzania (East Afrika), hopefully starting I’m Dar Es Salaam by 2020.

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