Lifting That Credit Card Debt From Your Shoulders

Are you under severe financial stress with credit card debt, no assets and a salary that does not allow you to meet repayments? Is the situation getting worse by the month, and have you tried to consolidate or negotiate with the bank to reduce fees with no luck? I was in this situation myself at one stage. I needed help and fast! I realized I was probably not alone as many people experience financial stress as a result of increasing personal debt and rising interest rates. I decided I had to find a way to solve the problem. I turned to my favorite ebook superstore cbdeluxe for information as they have a wealth of information I can draw down from.

Firstly I decided I should seek help and advice through a financial counseling service. These organizations provide free, independent and confidential services to help you take control of your financial affairs. They help you to work out a plan and mediate with the bank on your behalf. Intermediaries tend to negotiate better with the banks and credit institutions than you can. The banks take more notice and take your situation more seriously if they are presented with a documented budget and a realistic plan of your outstanding debt. It is also time to take a close look at your spending habits. Aim to reduce your expenditure by splitting your expenses into two groups: essentials and non-essentials. Keep to an absolute minimum spending on non-essential items and keep track of your spending weekly to remain in control. It goes without saying credit cards should be shredded or locked away to be used in an emergency only.

As well as reducing your spending look at ways you can increase your income. I realized it had been a while since I had had a pay increase. Maybe for you there is an opportunity to do overtime. Taking on a second job is also an option. I started to spend more time on my computer at home and found ways of making extra money on the net. Working full time in sales I upped my goals and started to increase my commission pay cheque each month. It was because I found a light at the end of that dark tunnel again. It boosted my income while I was getting on top of my debt repayments. You need to document your month-by-month financial goals. I allowed myself a small reward each time I reached a goal for the sacrifices I was making. It kept me motivated. Surprisingly enough as I was so busy with two jobs the time went very quickly and before I knew it I was out of debt. One of the biggest rewards that happened to me was that the second job has now become my main source of income.

The last resort if all the above fails is always to consider filing for personal bankruptcy. I do mean “last resort”. While it may seem an easy answer to your problems – it brings with it more problems. This has been used by directors of large corporations who then go on to start up again in other businesses, but it has serious ramifications for your future. It restricts your income, and your ability to borrow in the future. Travel ling restrictions are imposed on you as well, not to mention the stigma bankruptcy carries. Therefore the effort you put into the above ideas are a far better solution to the problem. Research all your options on my favorite ebook superstore cbdeluxe like I did and you will find a way out of the problem. Main lesson to learn from this is to keep your spending in the future to within the budgets you set yourself.

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