Life Insurance Protection For 2007

Every year check your finances to make sure your money is invested properly and that you have adequate life insurance. We’ve all read the articles and brochures but, with the changing nature of the product and an individual’s changing needs, it is always worthwhile to make sure your life insurance is working for you. Life insurance plays a big part in a person’s financial picture. The same thinking applies to your investments.

Do You Have Life Insurance At Work?

A common work benefit is group life insurance, which includes mostly, health and disability life insurance. It’s a great benefit compared to the cost ratio as many persons are involved. One consideration however is that the policy is not portable. If you change jobs the policy doesn’t go with you and if your health condition changes, it may prove difficult to get the same coverage.

Personal Life Insurance Policies

As mentioned, one of the significant advantages to a life insurance policy which you own, is the portability. You are paying premiums for something you own. You can select the policy type, its term and the beneficiaries to suit your own needs.

Life Insurance Policy Options

Life insurance is for anyone whose death will leave behind financial obligations that their savings are insufficient to cover. Since this is essential and not everyone is in the same situation, there are different life insurance policies to choose from. Term life, whole life or term to 100 policies are available, depending on your needs with the premiums remaining steady through those periods.

Life Insurance – How Much Do You Need?

Another financial consideration for you in 2007 to calculate, is how much life insurance you need? This would depend on your current debt load, any anticipated earnings gap if a spouse should die and day to day expenses. Factor in inflation, as you will need more money to enjoy the same level of comfort you have today.

Once a year check your finances to make sure you are paying for the correct life insurance policy for you and your family. Consult an independent broker to make sure you keep up to date with the proper life insurance.

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