Life Insurance – Make Your Life Easy And Simple!

Ever wondered why one would need life insurance especially as it is seen as an additional expenditure that one might not need. Well, we can surely find somewhere else for that money to go, and the real truth is, we may not really give it much thought until we have a family and begin accruing assets. Life insurance is an insurance policy, just like our auto or homeowner’s insurance, which offers us with added assurance that in any eventuality we will be covered financially. In the case of death, life insurance allows our family to ensure of our end of life needs, that includes burial or cremation at the least, and more depending on how much coverage we purchase.

As we live in the age of credit purchases, we bear a considerable amount of debt through our working years. This includes mortgage and car payments, as well as personal loans, credit cards, and student loans, just to name a few. A majority of companies offer their employees some type of life insurance coverage that can be purchased at a reduced group rate. This can either be a minimal amount or it can be twice your salary, it just depends on your personal situation and which options are available to you. A lot of people prefer to buy life insurance with their personal insurance agent for additional insurance that can be bought for varying amounts of coverage. This enables either the surviving spouse of family members to cover up burial expenses and any other outstanding debts of the decedent. Amounts of coverage vary and chosen based on what the individual would like to provide his or her survivors.

Premiums are based on what type of policy is selected and the age of the person seeking coverage. We are constantly getting mailers in our mailbox for a reduced rate policy if we act now, and frankly speaking, all those terms can be rather confusing. So what is the difference between a whole life policy and a term policy? A term policy is just that; when you are purchasing a definite amount of life insurance for a specified term, generally twenty years. The premium remains the same during this time period and does not build any type of cash value. On the other hand whole life insurance policies, do build cash value, and can be either borrowed against, or cashed in at various stages all through the policyholder’s whole life. Some policies require a physical exam and medical history questionnaire to be completed before coverage can be instated. Usually smokers pay higher premiums as well as people with chronic illnesses that include high blood pressure or diabetes.

Life insurance is a good idea, in particular if you don’t want to leave your family in a helpless situation facing bankruptcy because they can’t make ends meet without you. A number of companies specialize only in life insurance, and local insurance agents that can assist you clarify exactly what you need. Remember the older you get, the more it costs, so if you’re considering a term policy, make sure to buy it when you are young!

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