Life Insurance – Is Shopping Around Necessary?

When you want to buy a term life insurance policy, you really do need to comparison shop. When you shop for a car or TV, you always go to several stores, and considering this decision for your life insurance is more important, why not do the same?

What Are Your Life Insurance Options?

In a life insurance policy comparison, you first need to figure out how much life insurance you need to buy. A life insurance policy is good for a determined amount of years if you choose term life insurance. If you don’t die within that period, the policy expires and you have to either renew or buy another policy. Whole life insurance is another matter altogether, as the higher cost of the premium can keep the policy going for a long time.

Should You Buy Life Insurance Online ?

With all of the companies online, it’s easy to get life insurance quotes and buy on the internet. When an independent life insurance broker, like ourselves, gives you a quote, all the figures are on 1 or 2 pages. As far as possible you are comparing apples to apples, which is at the heart of doing a real comparison.

Whatever your needs in life insurance, you need to compare the same terms. You need to be sure that you are comparing the same elements along with other pertinent facts. But whichever policy or approach you choose, the answer is yes; you need to shop to find the best life insurance.

Term Or Whole Life Insurance ?

Term life insurance is the choice of over 90% of buyers, and that is for a good reason; it is cheaper. And most feel they do not need it to last beyond their working years, and if they do, in Canada you can buy term to 100 years. If you get to age 100, the company forgives the payments after that.

It is also harder to compare whole life insurance costs as the cash surrender value differ greatly at different ages. This makes it impossible to do a real comparison as you are only comparing numbers. It is a lot easier with term life insurance.

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