Let’s Talk About Debt

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by debt? Would you know what to do if a bill collector actually came to your door?

There is dozens of online debt support consumer website that try to aim to provide financial education. Everyone knows that having good credit is crucial. It not only affects your chances when applying for a loan in the future, but your credit status might even be reviewed by a potential employer.

With 50% of the population having an average of $10,000 in credit card debt, there is an obvious need for financial education.

Credit cards are not intrinsically corrupt, but some people misuse the privilege of spending on credit. Many people are financially strapped when they find they are incapable of paying back the debt that has piled up. This dilemma is a worldwide problem; not one faced solely in the U.S. Dan Goldstone, president of Norfolk Financial Corp. says it is wrong to blame the credit card companies for issuing cards to those who may not have the ability to payoff their borrowing. Rather, Mr. Goldstone believes, with sound financial education, individuals should be able to handle credit responsibly.

The debt web site’s offer some basic information regarding consumer credit and debt. It gives tips about how to develop and follow a budget, how to select the right credit cards, and how to maintain a good credit score. Look for sites that have special section that targets your needs like helping college students manage their money. “Develop a budget, and keep a close track of what comes in and what goes out-the more thorough the better,” says Norfolk Financial Corp.’s president Daniel Goldstone.

If a debt collector has contacted you, do not to panic. Collection professionals are experienced in assisting account holders who are having financial problems. As suggested on the site, the borrower must demonstrate that they “can’t pay” not that the consumer is simply unwilling to pay. Often collection professionals will help consumers formulate a plan of repayment.

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