Is The Interest Rate A Clear Indicator Of Your Cost Of Borrowing?

Are you considering taking out a loan for some extra cash flow? If you are, then the most important aspect of getting a loan is to calculate the interest rate. The lower the interest rate then obviously the lower the cost of borrowing.

Other than the level of interest rate that you have to consider at the time of taking out a loan, there are other issues for you to consider:

Thoroughly Research Interest Rates Offered By Credit Institutions

Before taking out a loan keep yourself up to date about current market and economic trends and indicators. You should know what the current interest rate is as well as how the rate is fluctuating and moving. There is a close link between the direction the interest rate is headed and the activities on Wall Street. If you keep constant tab on the interest rate trends prior to getting a loan you will be more likely to anticipate when the rate falls and to nab a good deal from the loan provider. However while doing your research, take into consideration both today’s rate and also the rate trends over the past thirty days.

APR – Clearer Indicator Of Cost Of Borrowing

Often gullible customers are swayed easily by the lure of unbelievably low rate of interest. But you should not decide on a loan package just based on its low interest rate, as there are many hidden costs. You also need to take note of the Annual Percentage Rate or APR for short which tells you the measure of the effective interest rate that has to be paid on a loan, taking into consideration other fees and standardizing the way the rate is expressed. In other words, APR tells you the total cost of borrowing. The APR makes it easier to compare lenders and loan options to understand the comparative benefit of different loan products. The APR is a more accurate reflection of the true cost of the loan that the borrower has to bear. It is expressed in the form of a per-annum rate. APR helps you realize that there are many more fees and costs hidden behind the sometimes misleading interest rate figure that appears in the advertisements of the credit institutions.

Discuss With Your Lender

No matter what the purpose of your loan application is, you have to go through a pre-qualification round meeting with a representative from your preferred lending company. This will give you a clearer picture of the loan amount you can qualify for and the corresponding interest rate you have to pay for that. This will help you in your decision making process.

Lock Interest Rate

Processing of the loan takes some time. But rate lock is a facility commonly provided by most of the institutions in the loan industry. This ensures that you will be charged at the interest rate and number of points at the time you took out the loan, while your loan application is being processed. Some lenders are generous enough to let you lock in the interest rate and number of points right from the time you file your application.

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