Is The American Express Blue Card For You?

American Express may have been identified with high end credit card products that are more suited to the financial capability of the wealthy. In its bid to make the company cater to every consumer in the social strata, American Express has launched the American Express Blue Card for those who do not want to maintain expensive credit cards.

With the American Express Blue Card, credit card users can now look forward to having more spending options but without the annual payment that comes with a regular credit card. Plus they get to benefit from the cash back features of the Blue credit card.

The young segment of the population will enjoy the flexibility as well as the rewards and the convenience offered by the American Express Sky Blue credit cards. While other credit cards offer free air miles for credit card users, the Sky Blue card allow its users to apply the points they get from credit card purchases to any expenses related to travel including hotel accommodations, car rental payments, and even travel tickets.

Some people wonder why American Express put sop much emphasis on travel perks in relation to their credit cards. This may be so because company used to be very active in the travel industry business and so it knows what its market requires in terms of travel perks.

Card members of Sky Blue credit card can benefit from the various insurance benefits offered by American Express in relation to travel accident and lost baggage.

The rewards system of the Blue card also makes it irresistible to potential users because every dollar spent by the client using the Blue credit card earns a point. The purchase can be anything from gas, shopping or dinner. The important fact is that the Blue card was used and every dollar spend earns a point for the user.

Some people avoid using credit cards because of the hassle and delay of having the establishment swipe the card. The American Express Blue however allows users to enter into transactions with establishments through a reader.

Blue card users also get protection against fraudulent transactions as a result of the unauthorized use of the credit card. Users can also return their purchases within ninety days and if this is no longer possible then the company refunds the user. Eligible users also get protection from damaged or stolen items within 90 days.

While the American Express Blue credit card may seem to have all the qualities of a perfect card, users should watch out for the charges imposed for cards with unpaid balance during the end of each month. Some cards use an annual percentage rate scheme in computing additional charges for outstanding balance but the Blue card uses a daily rate. There may be a grace period of twenty days but late payments can be very costly.

Most credit cards may differ in their rates and benefits making some cards a lot better than others. However, credit card consumers should remember that companies provide credit card services for profit. Credit card companies are basically in this for business and not for charity.

Users should not expect these companies from pouring in huge capital and then operate their businesses like charity. It follows then that every credit card user should look at all the hidden charges which the companies imposed not only for late payments but also for selected purchases.

The general rule really is to choose a credit card company that will suit the preferences and purchasing pattern of a person. When he has done that then he should put to heart all the important terms of the credit card company like surcharges, percentage, policies on late payments and other details.

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