Interest Only Refinancing Loans

An interest only refinancing loan is a great way for savvy homeowners to maximize their cash flow. Interest only refinancing loans are different than a tradition refinancing loan. With a traditional refinancing loan, you pay both the principle of the loan and the interest of the loan. With interest only refinancing loans, the homeowner is given the option of paying both the principle and interest of the loan or only the interest, using the extra money that would have been spent on the principle to purchase or invest for other things.

Interest only refinancing loans can be very similar to traditional refinancing loans. For instance, both types of mortgages usually have the same interest rate, so you don’t usually save from one product to another and you can take out an interest only loan with either a fixed rate or adjustable rate.

For the most part, most interest only loans allow the borrower to choose between paying both the principle and interest or just the interest for a set term. For instance, your interest only loan will give you the option for the first 10 years of the loan. After 10 years have passed, you must always pay both the principle and interest.

Advantages of Interest Only Refinancing Loans

The main advantage of an interest only refinancing loan is that the homeowner can maximize their cash flow from month to month. For instance, need a few extra dollars one month, forgo paying the principle, some savvy homeowners even forgo paying the principle and instead take that money and invest it into their 401K or other investment vehicles.

Another advantage of these types of loans is for homeowners that intends to sell their home before the end of the loan term. Having extra cash flow when you need it can be a great way to buy the things you need most and since you will be moving before the end of the loan, with the sale of the home and its built up equity, you can easily repay your loan.

While interest only refinancing loans can be a popular alternative, they are not without risk. For those that rely on not paying the principle due to the fact that they have trouble paying their mortgage completely, this can signal trouble ahead. Make sure that if you choose this type of loan, you can handle the perks. Make sure you have control of your finances and refrain from digging yourself in a hole.

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