Increase Your Income With A Buy To Holiday Let

Investing in property and especially the buy to holiday let market has become something which more and more people are realising can bring them a large income each year. Of course this depends if you have chosen the location for your holiday let correctly and have also got the best deal on your mortgage for the buy to holiday let property.

When it comes to buy to holiday let properties you can also save money by taking advantage of the tax breaks on offer. As you will be bringing in an income from the property then it will be recognised as a business by the tax man while other forms of property letting are seen as an investment income.

Of course in order to take advantage of these you will have to prove that your buy to holiday let is available for letting to the general public for at least 140 days out of the year and you must successfully let it for at least 70 days. You cannot let the property to the same person for more than 31 days in a period of seven months and you cannot claim tax breaks for the time you are living there.

Other important points which need consideration when going into the buy to holiday let business and in particular if you wish to take advantage of the tax breaks, is the home must be fully furnished, any lets that you do make must be at full cost, so friends and family who are given weeks at half price don’t count.

Another factor is the cover which you will need to take out for the buy to holiday let property. With the high risks that are posed in the business then adequate cover is essential, this could include giving some thought to building cover, contents, public liability, cancellation insurance and accident insurance.

When it comes to getting your mortgage for the buy to holiday let property, the best way to do so is to go with a specialist broker; the broker will be able to conduct a search for the best mortgage on your behalf and is considered to be essential. While you could go about getting the mortgage yourself you simply won’t be able to have access to the resources that a broker does, mortgages are confusing at the best of times and when it comes to the buy to holiday let property the complexity increases.

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