In Debt? You Can Do Something About It!

If there is one thing common with a lot of Americans it is drowning in debt. Do you know that an average American has 2-3 credit cards? Most of them are either in owning so many arrears already or near to going in debt.

This is because most people have a spending problem, and this is worsened by credit cards because it gives them capacity to purchase the item they fancy even if they do not have the money.

Why don’t you try a few things before you declare bankruptcy? Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider.

Try debt consolidation
Have you ever heard of putting all your debts in one? Lenders call that debt consolidation. You give them all your outstanding balance and let them pay for it. After that you will be paying them for a few years (10-15 years). It’s a good way of fixing your debt because it lessens the interest rates that you have to pay. It will also lessen stress because you will only be focusing on one statement of account.

Every single coin in your pocket is important in saving. Every time you change your clothes empty your pockets for coins and some change. Put it in a single container and watch how much you will get after a few months.

After you receive your monthly salary divide all your important spending (by important we mean utilities, rent and food) what ever is left use it to pay for your pending balance. We want to lessen our debt right? So put it in the right place so you will not be able to spend it.

Spend less
Oh yes! Spend less and stop swiping your card. If you have big expenses try to look at all of what you are buying and truthfully ask yourself if you can live without them. Is it really important? Before you shop, list down all the items you will need (including food) and look at your final list once again. Cut all items that are not really important. Once you are already in the mall be sure to buy only what is on the list. Anything not in the list is considered over spending.

Cut number of cards
You don’t want to add more dues in your credit status, do you? Limit your card to just one (maximum is two) to prevent you from swiping more stuff.

Credit reports can totally ruin your chances of getting home loans or personal loans. What if it an emergency happens and you terribly need money and no lenders approve your application? These lenders give chances to individuals who try their best to fix their financial situation and to get themselves out of that debt. They will see this effort once you are trying to pay your outstanding debts or you use debt consolidation.

Getting into debt is easy, all you need to do is spend a lot, getting out of it is the problem. It takes a lot of effort and perseverance but it will all be worth it.

Remember save more and spend less and in time you will get out of that credit card debt hole you fell on. Having a good credit rating is the best thing there is. Your choices will be limitless. Free yourself from debt hole. Do something.

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