Identity Theft Occurs All The Time

Have you ever yelled at your credit card executives and asked for clarification of some entries on your bill? Don’t worry this is a common case scenario. Maybe you did not use those service or goods and are being forced to pay for someone else who has used your name and identification and committed a fraud. Some fraudsters hack your security code or personal information for their personal use and then they use it.

Identity theft is the fastest growing commercial theft in the 21st century and on September 11th the FBI discovered that 11 of the hijackers were using credit cards and driver’s licenses and passports with identities lifted from stolen credit cards or passports, isn’t this alarming?

Are you busy thinking about your privacy and your financial information? Are you worried about it being leaked? Don’t panic as you can safeguard your information from criminals. The hackers hack your information very easily from computers and then charge the merchandise to your account.

This can be understood with the example of a thief stealing your name, date of birth and social security number to take ownership of your accounts and credit cards!

So if you wish to safeguard your identity, stop mentioning your security number or your drivers license number on your checks as this makes identity theft easier. With one misplaced check; a con artist can memorize your driver’s license number as well as security number and from this track down the remaining details or perhaps forge your signature.

6 Ways To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Financial institutions as well as banks are working towards protecting their customers’ identities. Prior to doing this they inform the customers about the slight inconvenience which may be caused to them.

Efforts to protect identity theft can include:

1. Burn or shred your financial information which contains the social security number.
2. Start using your password instead of your maiden name.
3. Never use your social security number until and unless it is unavoidable.
4. Check your credit report twice a year to detect any faults or any thefts.
5. Remove your maiden name from all your mailing lists which are operated by credit agencies.
6. If you have ever felt like a victim, then please report your case immediately to the credit card company or any other business establishment from where you feel this theft has occurred.

It’s easier to be a victim of identity theft if you don’t check your credit card statements often. So make sure you keep an eye open. Sometimes small figures on your statements will appear and you don’t know where its from. Check it out because if it happens every month, you’ll be loosing a lot of money in the long term. It has happen to be not once but 3 times!

By and large, this type of identity theft crime is always a low-tech operation, despite the consequences of well-publicized instances of hackers breaching into websites and pilfering millions of dollars though credit cards. So shield all information as far as possible to guard against identity theft.

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