Some people spend their whole life struggling to earn enough money, so that when they are old, they can retire to a lovely destination and enjoy the remaining of their life. Today’s baby boomers are planning for retirement at younger ages than previous generations ever did. Many of us plan to travel from our homes each year, in search of beautiful spots, when we will retire. Whether it is by the water, in the mountains or near the desert, we will need money to pay for our vacations.

A solution would be to simply deposit a part of our income at some bank. But the truth is that banks had and will always have a really low interest rate. Some of us may feel very unsatisfied by this state of things. That is why I have to say that I am really happy High Yield Investment Programs (or simply HYIP’s) were invented.

HYIPs typically claim to offer interest rates of 1% or more per day on invested funds; some claim to offer much higher daily rates exceeding 200% a day. Allegedly, the highest-return HYIP on record has offered 1,100% ROI in one day. Still, I would recommend for diversity, instead of subscribing to programs with such big interest rates. HYIP’s are offering probably the most profitable investments available today. Conventional wisdom (if there is such a thing) in HYIP tends to suggest that the more you can start with, the less time it will take to become self sustaining. You can start with any amount… it is a combination of determination, discipline, knowledge and well being that will steer success or failure.

As to how long it could take to ‘make a living’; I venture to say that depends on what it takes to “live”. More is better, but it’s what is essential that matters. Reinvesting profits 100% is ideally the fast track, but some money is needed for life while ‘earning a living’. These “games” might be considered as lotteries. However, the odds of winning cannot be determined, as one cannot know whether one is playing early enough to win money (that is, whether a sufficient number of new participants will follow). Thus, these activities are unlike a lottery or other forms of gambling, where a player has an equal chance of winning no matter when a ticket is bought, or where the odds of the game are known.

Given all this information, I would like to add that from my experience as a hyip player, I am more the just satisfied by the results of my hyip investment. The phenomenon of Hyip’s is growing bigger and bigger on the internet today. Every day new programs are being launched. Lots of people are earning fortunes investing in these programs. Still, there is a big part of hyip’s that are scams. Many, many new players loose their savings to these guys. This is the place here Hyip Monitor comes into play. “Hyipbeings Monitor” is constantly studying and researching the hyip market, and they are also investing in a number of HYIP’s to be able to analyze them and keep track of their payments.

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