How To Use A Home Equity Loan Intelligently

There certainly are many different possible ways to use a home equity loan. In fact, they are used for just about any reason possible. While you certainly can use your money any way you wish – some ways make more sense than others and have a more lasting value. Here are some ways you can intelligently use the money in your home’s equity.

Home Renovations

This is probably the best investment for your home equity loan. If used properly, it can quickly add lasting value to your home – and more equity. Right now, some of the top projects that can be done to improve the quality of your home are additions, siding, and renovating the kitchen or bathroom. It is important that you check first with a Realtor in your area to see what works and what does not when it comes to renovations and increasing the value. You will especially want to check if you are considering getting the house ready to sell.

College Education

If you have a son or a daughter that is ready to go to college, using some of your home equity loan to help pay for it is a good investment. This could provide a low interest way to foot the college bill. It also will help you to be sure that at least some of the expenses are available in advance, instead of waiting for approval for a grant or other fund.


If you are knowledgeable of the stock market, or other high yield investments, this could work for you. Since home equity loans are low cost, it is possible for the one who knows the market, to be able to invest and make a larger profit than what it costs. This puts your money to good use and could enable you to make enough money to pay off the home equity loan quickly. For those who are not familiar enough with the stock market to risk it themselves, it is possible to get good advice on how to do this from others. However, let them prove the worth of their advice by starting out investing small amounts – then building up.

Debt Consolidation

Paying off your debts with a home equity loan is another good choice. It would quickly enable you to pay off your debts and get a single payment. Besides that, you also have stretched out your payments over a longer period of time making it easier to pay. By making regular payments on time each month, you can improve your credit score – if it needs it.

A word of caution needs to be given here. Consolidating your debts should not be looked at as a new opportunity to max out the credit cards again. Using your equity will allow you to have a fresh start, but you also need to remember that equity is not built up as fast as you can max out a credit card. This means that, if you do max them out again, you may not have enough equity to get another loan. The other one will most likely not be paid off by then, either.


Certainly, when you take out a home equity loan you probably will want to have some fun with it – since you don’t get access to cash that easily. Besides – it is your money. Just remember that while fun is great, it also should not be the main reason you get a home equity loan. It takes a long time to build up sizable equity, and you want to make sure that you invest some of it.

Before you get a home equity loan, be sure to shop around until you find that great deal. By looking around you will quickly see what is possible, and which ones just don’t compare with the others. You also want to leave at least 20% of the value of your home untouched – or you will need to pay private mortgage insurance.

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