How To Save When Buying Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance has always been known to be a cost effective vehicle to protect your family should you pass away unpredictably. It offers basic, no-nonsense coverage so that your spouse and children could continue living in the same fashion you have accustomed them to while you were alive and working. Even though term life insurance is comparatively inexpensive, it would still be wise to shop out the different carriers as policies vary, as do premiums and provisions. The following are some ideas on how to save even more money when buying term life insurance.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

As noted, it is a good idea to shop out a few carriers to see who would best suit your needs as well as your lifestyle. For example, some companies charge differently for an extreme sport that is a huge part of your lifestyle. If you mountain climb, for instance, one company may charge more for that risk than another carrier. It is wise to either gain multiple term life insurance quotes or have a reputable financial advisor do the footwork for you.

Make sure you ask your financial advisor for carrier price breaks. Some companies offer a break in price if you purchase a certain face value. You could actually end up saving money by choosing a higher face value. If you qualify (policies are also based on current employment) you could end up paying just a couple dollars more for a $500,000.00 policy versus a $250,000.00 policy. Doubling your face value for just a couple of dollars would pay off greatly for your survivors should the unthinkable happen.

After you get your term life insurance quote and choose the best policy, make sure to ask about your payment/billing options. Many life insurance companies offer discounts to individuals who choose to pay their premiums annually, or who pay monthly by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

It is also important to review your term life insurance rates at least ever three years, if not annually. Life changes so often in this fast paced environment that circumstances such as divorce or a birth of a new child will affect your financial needs or your desire to scale back. Term life insurance prices also change annually so depending on the kind of protection you need; you want to give yourself plenty of time to put a new policy in place to avoid overlapping coverage.

Age Makes a Difference

Although many people wait to buy insurance until they are a bit more settled financially and have acquired more assets, term life insurance is less expensive when you buy while you are younger. Term life insurance rates go up as you get older and keep in mind that your “half birthday” may make a difference in the premium that you will pay. Most term life insurance companies will increase the rates on their policies six months before your actual birthday. This is known as “the age nearest” in the insurance industry. While the amount of increase might seem negligible to you, a few dollars perhaps, those few dollars add up over the years especially when purchasing a 20 or 30-year policy. Also, it is best to buy while you are young because presumably you are in better health than the older population. Your chances of getting full approval without restrictions are better when you are in good health and your medical exams come back clean.

Buy Term and Invest the Rest

Truly, by doing a little homework you can save even more on a term life insurance policy. Follow the traditional saying, “Buy Term and Invest the Rest.” You will not only have the financial security your family deserves but you can build a healthy nest egg by investing your savings into a higher interest-earning vehicle.

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