How To Obtain Term Life Insurance For Life

With all of our current medical technology and change toward healthier lifestyles, surviving until your golden years is more common. As you have worked a substantial part of your life building your family’s fortune, it is a good idea to put together an estate for yourself. Estates ensure that the distribution of your assets are properly handled and allocated according to your wishes. Whether your estate is of modest worth or whether it is in the millions, it is always a wise thing to consider putting an estate plan in place. Part of your estate planning should include a term life insurance policy.

While most term life insurance premiums are based on age, companies do sell what is called term life insurance to 100. Typically, you purchase this policy between the ages of 71-80. The premiums for term life insurance to 100 remain constant from the purchase date until you reach the age of 100. The premiums stop at age 100 but your coverage continues until your death, even if you live to be 125! Term life to 100 basically covers you for life.

Why Buy Term Life Insurance to 100?

Usually, people who reach age 70 have outlived the use of a basic term life insurance policy. If you have children, they are old enough to take care of themselves financially and your spouse would presumably have no need for the death benefit as your financial wealth has already been built.

Truly, then, buying term life insurance to 100 at age 70 would be solely to gift your family even further by making sure that any inheritance you leave to your relatives remains intact. The death benefit allots extra monies to help offset any taxes your heirs would have to pay on their inheritance. To learn more about term life insurance visit

Additionally, death benefits for term life insurance to 100 are paid tax-free. You will not only ensure that capital gains taxes are taken care of but also your funeral expenses and any miscellaneous fees associated with the estate and your death.

Last, should you outlive all of your heirs; term life insurance to 100 is also perfect for leaving a bequest to your favorite charity. You may purchase face value amounts of $10,000.00 to $1,500,000.00. If you choose to donate your death benefit to a charity, make sure to visit the charity to fill out all the appropriate forms. For more information on giving term life insurance as a charitable gift visit

As always, it is best to seek the advice of a reputable financial advisor to help you choose the best term life insurance company as well as type of term life insurance to 100 policy to suit your needs. Buying coverage for life will allow you the flexibility to gift your heirs or charities in many different ways.

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