How To Get Serious Debt Help When Those Darn Creditors Just Won’t Stop Calling

How to Get Serious Debt Help

When the phone calls won’t stop, the mail won’t stop coming chalk full of overdue bills, and you don’t even want to turn on your cell phone because the creditors somehow got that number, it’s hard to know where to turn and what to do.

If you answer the phone calls, those on the other end are going to want money that you just don’t have. The letters in the mail are threatening court dates and loss of property if you don’t start paying, but that doesn’t help you financially; no matter what they threaten, you can’t give them something you don’t have.

There is hope, do not throw in the towel. Your search for how to get serious debt help will not be in vain. The help may be easier than you think and will definitely improve your quality life as you struggle through this tough time.

Sometimes it’s not too late for self-help.

If you have been receiving phone calls and can’t pay all of the minimum balances that you owe, if you can just pay something..anything on the debts, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll be able to take care of your serious debt problem yourself. If you contact your creditors, express your wish to get back in their good graces and the fact that you just can’t pay what you owe currently, many times they will offer to lower your minimum for a certain amount of time.

Sometimes, if you continue conversations with them, you will find that they will be willing to offer you a settlement amount that is usually around 70-80% of what you actually owe them. If you can get your hands on that and wash your hands of the whole ordeal, jump on it. It will be resolved quickly and often there will be nothing negative on your credit report.

If you’ve gone beyond a self-help approach and wonder how to get serious debt help from a specialist in debt relief, there are several avenues out there that will do just that.

There are debt consolidation loans. If you’re eligible for one of those you will be able to pay your debt off and make one low monthly payment that will surely be less than you’re paying currently.

There are debt settlement companies that will help you work with your creditors for you to receive the offers of settlement. Often you will end up paying 40-60% of what you actually owe.

There are credit counselors that will not try to reduce your overall debt, but they will work with your credit companies to lower the interest each month and lower the minimum so that you can work on the principal balance a little more.

Any of these choices will help you get on your way to being out of debt, but you will have to be the person to keep you there.

There are several ways to search when looking for how to get serious debt help relief.

It can be mind boggling when you review your finances and find that you could owe that much, but there is hope.

Whichever route you choose, be vigilant about not returning to this financial state. Getting out of this once is an adventure I don’t think anyone would want to repeat.

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