How To Get Refused For A Loan

Although it is getting easier and easier to get hold of a loans at a good price, there are still ways that you can make it hard for yourself to get a loan. If you make these mistakes then you will find yourself getting refused for a loan and making it hard to apply for another and be accepted. If you want to get refused for a loan, then these mistakes will make sure that is what happens.

Not sorting out your credit

If you are looking for an unsecured loan, the easiest way to get refused is to not get your credit history in order before applying. Unsecured loan decisions are based upon your credit history, so if it is inaccurate or in a bad way you will be refused. Make sure that before you apply for a loan, you check your credit report to make sure everything is accurate and that all previous problems are sorted out. If you have bad credit, then try to get your finances in better shape before applying for a loan.

Applying for lots of loans

Another easy way to get yourself refused for a loan is to apply for lots of loans at once. If various companies are doing credit checks at the same time, they will become suspicious and believe you are trying to get hold of a lot of money at once. They might think you are a default risk and will refuse you. When applying for loans apply for only one at a time. If you are refused, then wait a while before applying for another. Lots of applications and refusals will harm your credit rating and make it even harder to get a loan.

Not shopping around

Although getting loans is becoming easier, if you don’t shop around for the right lender then you can get refused. If you have poor credit then it is no use applying for a loan with a high-end lender. Look for lenders who specialise in helping people in your particular situation. This will help you to get accepted for the loan you want and at a better price.

Lying on your application

If you want to get refused for a loan and also possibly get into trouble with the law, then lying on your loan application is one way to do this. If you lie about your earnings or financial status to get a loan, you are technically committing a type of fraud, and could get in serious trouble. Also, if the loan company find out then you will get refused or have your loan taken away, and it will appear on your credit record. Although you might not get the amount you really want, always be truthful on your loan applications.

Learn when to stop

If you avoid these problems and are still getting refused for a loan, then maybe you should think about other financing methods. Although you might feel you need a loan, if you keep getting refused then the chances are you are better off without one. However, if you want more advice on how to be successful with your application, consult and independent financial advisory. If you avoid these mistakes and are not in serious financial difficulty, then getting a loan will be much easier.

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