How To Find The Best Rates On Long Term Care Insurance In Connecticut:

Because Connecticut residents are eating healthier and exercising longer and generally living better lives, you don’t think about long-term medical care. However, now is the best time to think about it. It’s easier and cheaper to purchase long term care insurance when you are in good health and not in need of the insurance.

The general connotation of long-term care is care for the elderly. That is not an accurate depiction of long term care. Young and old both require long-term care. One unforeseen accident may change your immediate future and be the cause for your need of a long-term care facility.

If you have sizeable assets, you don’t want to squander them all away paying for such care. That is why it is important to secure the coverage now, when you are healthy.

Searching for the best rate for long-term care insurance in Connecticut should not be difficult. The internet has made it easier. Additionally, the state of Connecticut has teamed up with several insurance companies and is able to offer Connecticut residents with a way to find accurate research information on long term care. The Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care, assist residents in purchasing affordable long term care insurance without having to deplete their savings accounts.

According to the Connecticut Partnership, the average daily rate for nursing facility care is $299 (this amount will change based on type of room, i.e., private, semi-private, etc), while the average cost of home health care nursing visit is $121 per visit. This does not include any special therapy like physical or occupational therapy. An adult day care facility may cost an average of $72 per day where a live-in companion averages $199 a day.

No matter what type of service you require, your savings may be depleted depending on the length of care. It makes sense to investigate the cost of purchasing long term care insurance while you’re still healthy to benefit from a more favorable rate.

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