How To Apply On-line For A Business Credit Card

You say in your office, juggling figures, estimating projected income, and sweating nervous perspiration. The end result of all this labor and stress? You’ve decided that it would be in your best interest to apply for a business credit card. With that decision made you spend what feels like hours staring at websites and reading the tiny print and recording all the different details and aspects of what feels like a thousand different credit cards. Your spiral notebook is filled with facts, figures, and annual percentage rates. It was a lot of hard work and mind numbing research you think you’re ready to apply.

All you have to do is apply with an on-line application for a business credit card.

If you have ever applied for a personal credit card online this will be a breeze.

The first thing you have to do after you decide to apply for a business credit card on-line is go to the website of the card you’ve chosen.

Go to the card you’ve chosen’s website. Find and click the apply now button.

The first thing you will probably be asked for is your personal information. Fill in the spaces asking your first and last name, birthday, phone number, address, social security number, and mother’s maiden name. The next section will probably ask about your housing situation. Do you own or rent, or have some other housing arrangement? How much does your housing cost you a month? How long have you been living at your current address? Some applications will also ask for your personal income.

After filling in your personal information you will move onto section asking for your business information. The credit card company will want to know the name of your business and what name you would like to have printed on the card. They will want to know your business address and phone number. After that they will want to know how many years you have been in business. What is your businesses annual revenue? What is your businesses industry; agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing, etc.? What is your legal entity (are you a single proprietor, a non-profit group, a partnership or a corporation)? What is your federal tax ID?

When you’ve completed this section you will be asked how many free employee credit cards you would like and what are the names of the employees that should be printed on them?

The credit card company will want to know if you have any balances you want transferred to the new card.

When you have completed the application you will be asked to read the important information about the annual percentage rate, fees and restrictions. Once you have agreed you click the continue button and you will be taken to a secure website to upload the information.

With the application process complete you should be hearing a positive response from the company in just a few days.

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