How Real Are 0% APR Deals

Because of the uprising number of credit card subscribers, credit card providers develop different tactics to attract these customers to avail in their company. There have been the cash pay back, monthly low interest rate and the enticing zero annual percentage rates. With these offers, who would not be tempted to get or transfer their balances to a new credit card and a promising one?

The only question here is, do you really get the real deal? Most often than not, maybe you don’t. So to help you decide on choosing the right APR for you, here are some guidelines:

-Reflect on your credit lifestyle. This means that you have to assess your credit needs and how you have proportioned your finances to meet these needs. If you are currently into the credit card system, ask yourself if there is already a need for you to transfer balances, what are the purchases that you badly needed and will you be able to pay the balances before the due date. Your honest assessment on these things will guide you to the credit card that best fits you.

-Consider the card features that will meet your needs. It should be noted that in most cases, the annual percentage rate for a balance transfer is different from that of purchased amounts. So which is more important to you? Or would you prefer both? And since APR are mostly part of the promotion strategy, it could last for a certain span only, say on the first six months after the approval of application up to a minimum of a year. This means that after the zero % APR has expired, the current rate will then be charged to your account. So look carefully and analytically what’s behind the offers. You can either get more or lose more.

-Find time to make a comparison among the credit card providers. Although a lot of companies offer the same zero % APR, the terms after that promo are certainly different. It is best to browse into these terms and conditions first before jumping into the pit. It would also be helpful if you set a criterion on what you want and how you want them to be.

-Stick to your criterion. There could be lots of flashy offers to mislead you so don’t lose sight of the target. If the zero APR will help you meet your balances, then find the best deal of it.

-Confirm each of the agreements under the terms with the credit card providers. They are the right people to ask regarding the matters governing their company. Though the company representatives will tend to sweet talk in order to hook you to apply in their company, you can get honest answers from them. Absolutely, they cannot speak more what they really can offer.

The offer of a zero annual percentage rate is indeed irresistible! But surely, too, you know that things which are too good to be true are ephemeral. They are temporary and soon, they can even rise to a more expensive fixed rate. So take a closer look to what it will cost you in the long run. Don’t be allured of flashy instant deals which will hook you to greater debts. The credit card should be an asset to you, and not a liability.

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