How Can You Grow Your Money By Investing?

For many years the black race has been at an economic disadvantage because of the lack of financial knowledge we possessed. In many cases we did well with the little we had and sometimes managed to flourish by using some sound economic principles.

Grow Your Money By Investing

What will investing do for black people? For many years the black race has been at an economic disadvantage because of the lack of financial knowledge we possessed. In many cases we did well with the little we had and sometimes managed to flourish by using some sound economic - how to make money online image 2 - photo by parag-bhagat-80604

We did this by investing in good homes, creating a secure family life and providing a sound education for ourselves and children.

One thing that many of us were not exposed to was:


Unfortunately we did not know that this was the method that was keeping us mentally bound to our former slave masters / oppressors.

Even though we had been 'freed' we still had to rely on people who used to abuse us horribly, for the most basic needs such as education, accommodation and food.

The main source of income (jobs) were even provided by them.

However, few of us wondered how we were kept in that position.

And now we know - they had financial knowledge and we didn't.

Whoever can control another persons income, can control their living conditions and often how far they can progress in life.

An example: if you have a servant and you employ that servant for 16 hours a day, that only leaves 8 hours for him / her to spend with their family, relaxation time, sleep and pursue their own ambitions and goals.

If you only pay them a minimum amount as a wage, their options and choices to progress in life are greatly reduced. Additionally you can also control the standard of accommodation they can afford, the quality of food they can eat and the quality of education they and their dependents can receive.

Because of fairly recent inventions and developments such as easily affordable and sometimes free technologies such as distance learning over the Internet, black people now have the same opportunities that other races enjoyed.

We can now access and have financial knowledge at the press of a button.

WE MUST TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS.Investing for black people -

There are many successful black people who are encouraging us to follow this path. Not only will it benefit us today, it will also benefit our families for generations to come.

One of the black financial leaders at the moment is Dr. Boyce Watkins. As well as being a successful entrepreneur and a qualified Ph.D lecturer, he has created many different financial education programs that are easily affordable and most are even FREE FOR THE FIRST MONTH !! With offers like this available, how can we fail in the financial arena?

The main thing that he and many other successful black finance teachers advocate is INVESTING.

Whenever we receive some money, after taking care of our immediate needs and bills, we should be investing our money and watching it grow.

Below is a list of courses that are available.

Please use them and help yourself and your family become financially independent.

Please select your FREE MONTH on any of the courses listed below, today.

First Month Free: Black Money 101: An introduction to the power of money
This is a great course to get you started down the pathway toward financial literacy and an understanding of wealth in America. This is a basic course for those who are intimidated by financial concepts and are looking for a place to begin your journey. Through hundreds of hours of lectures and video content, Dr Boyce Watkins introduces you to the world of money, how it works and how you can get ahead in this vast and competitive economic game. Using 23 years of teaching experience at the college level, Dr Watkins takes you on a journey that you won't get from any university in America or abroad. Begin the process today, go through hundreds of hours of content created by Dr Watkins and turn yourself into a financial mastermind today.

First month free on Black money 102 for limited time only!
Millions of dollars are being consistently earned on the stock market, and many of us stay away because it can appear to be confusing and intimidating. As a result, we remain economically stranded with the same struggle one generation after the next. What if you had your very own inexpensive Finance Professor who could explain the stock market to a 4-year old child? What if he also cares deeply about your community, and possesses an internationally-recognized track record of helping millions of people just like you learn the fundamentals of building wealth? If you're ready to learn how the stock market works, then Dr Boyce Watkins is your man. Dr Watkins is a world-leading financial expert who has taught millions on television, radio and in the classroom. His dissertation was written on stock market mechanics, and he has taught at The University of Kentucky, Indiana University, The Ohio State University, Syracuse University, and The University of Rochester. He has become an extraordinary resource for those seeking to understand the fundamentals of money, wealth, investing and everything in-between. This course will cover everything you need to know to become an active, informed and engaged participant in the American stock market and beyond. You will learn the following in this course:

1) How to buy your first share of stock

2) How a stock is priced and valued in the market

3) Terminology that every stock market investor should know

4) The Dr Boyce Watkins Model for stock market investing

5) Critical ratios to understand when becoming an investor

6) How to identity risky assets from safer ones

7) Must-have apps on your phone for investing and how to use them the right way The course also include virtual field trips, power point slides, self-study examinations and homework assignments. Once you've completed this course, you'll find yourself fully versed on terminology that relates to stock market investing.

First Month Free on Black Money 103
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Learn How to Build Your Brand and Create Profitable Side Hustles

One of the most pressing problems for the African-American community is the lack of jobs and economic opportunity. This problem doesn't just affect our economic well-being, it seeps into every dimension of black life. When we depend on others to create jobs for us, we often end up frustrated, mistreated, and economically insecure. When someone else dictates what you do, how much you make, and how long you can work, it can be demoralizing.

Another way to say job is “Just Over Broke.” By becoming an employee, trading your time for dollars means you can put food on the table, but not much else. Without real income, you will never have great family vacations, send your kids to college or do any of the fun things millions of other people get to do. But, there is a way out and it starts by building your brand. A strong black brand that people will recognize.

Entrepreneurs are individuals who don’t want to spend 40+ years grinding their lives away at a dead-end job, selling their soul for minimum pay. They have a dream, a burning desire to build a strong black brand. They want a recognizable business that provides for their family and a secure future.

To be successful, black entrepreneurs create an image or brand that people know and trust. With a strong black brand, you can make a side hustle that makes money.

No matter what product, service or info-product you sell as your side hustle, the stronger your brand, the easier it is to sell.

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Franchising is one of the most powerful ways to build wealth in America and throughout the world. It allows you to connect to a proven business model and earn a very good living by building a business with a pre-existing template. The challenge, however, is that franchising can be both intimidating and confusing for those who are not experienced with this part of the business world.

Attorney Tanya Nebo has a tremendous amount of experience doing multi-million dollar business deals as a licensed legal professional in the city of Atlanta. She has helped scores of people just like you to find a way to own, buy and sell franchises in a multitude of industries and valuations. Attorney Nebo, along with Dr Boyce Watkins, have created The Black Franchise Program as an avenue for anyone seeking to solve the puzzle of owning their own franchise.

In this program, you will learn:

1) Why franchising might or might not be for you

2) How to get money to buy your first franchise

3) The biggest mistakes people make when seeking to buy a franchise

4) How to legally protect your business

5) The secrets to finding the franchise that is right for you

6) The drawbacks and challenges of franchising and how to overcome them

7) How to research your franchise possibilities

8) How to acquire your franchise once you've selected your target

This program will consist of lectures, power point slides, supplemental materials and regular Q&A sessions that will allow you obtain the same benefits as a $100,000 college degree, all for a price that fits well within your budget. Also, the real-world experience provided by our experts will allow you to learn from people who have succeeded in everything they are teaching you in this program.

This next course isn't a financial investing course, however it does encourage people to explore the opportunity to invest ones time in a lucrative business:

First Month Free on How To Make a living as a Writer or Blogger course!

Getting your name out there takes a lot of work, but we know the answers. Our membership platform for writers is to help you find a low-cost way to get things done without having to get there the hard way. Dr Tyra Seldon and Dr Boyce Watkins both have many years of experience teaching at the college level. They've earned millions of dollars as writers throughout the years. Dr Watkins' articles have received over 100 million reads and Dr Seldon's doctorate in Language and Literature was obtained at the prestigious University of Rochester. In other words, you'd be learning from and and be mentored by the best. In this class, you'll learn these things, among others:

1) How to build an audience for your writing

2) How to write in a way that is effective, powerful and grammatically correct

3) How to get your book into print in case publishers aren't interested

4) How to monetize your writing in a multitude of ways.

5) How to build your brand as a writer, public figure or authority/expert.

6) How to get traffic to your blog or website This list is not nearly exhaustive, since the goal is to give you any and every boost possible to help you become a success.

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