How Can I Lower My Home Owners Premiums?

Home owner’s insurance can be expensive, but this is the one form of insurance that you do not want to short-change yourself on either. When you consider all the many things that home owner’s insurance covers it can be a quite a value, in dollar terms. Still, there are some common sense ways to reduce your home owner’s insurance and this article will explore some of the more common means of doing that.

First of all, there is legal way that your lender can force you to use a particular insurance company for your home owner’s insurance. If your lender is doing that to you, you should look into the matter. You are free to choose the insurance carrier that you want as long as the carrier is legitimate and offers the coverage that you need in order to satisfy the lender’s requirements.

One effective way to lower your home owner’s insurance premiums is to shop around. Shopping for insurance, reading and reviewing different types of policies is not something that most people want to do over the weekend. It can be tedious work, to be sure. However, it can also be very rewarding work.

Many consumers are pleasantly surprised to find that the home owner’s insurance market is every bit as competitive as the new car market. Insurance companies want your business and they are more than willing to offer deals to attract you to them. Some of these deals can save you a lot of money over time.

A second way to reduce your premiums is to increase your deductible. You should understand that your premiums are directly related to the level of risk that the insurer is taking. In other words, the more risk they take, the more money they charge in premiums. When you increase your deductible, you are taking some of that risk from the lender. However, do not raise your deductible to a level that you cannot afford to pay should the need arise.

A very effective way to lower your premiums and get something of real value at the same time is to install a security system. This goes back to relieving the lender of some of the risk. A security system helps protect your home and your valuables, and insurance companies are often happy to reduce premiums when you show this much personal responsibility.

The same applies to smoke detectors. Make sure you have the correct number of smoke detectors and that they are placed in the correct locations. When you have these installed let the insurance company know about it. They may offer a discount.

Many consumers are not aware of the fact that their credit score can have an effect on their insurance premiums. Home owners and automobile insurance premiums are often adjusted (up or down) according to your credit score. Find out what your score is and do the things needed to improve it. You might be surprised at how much this can help in lowering your home owner’s insurance as well as your automobile insurance premiums.

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