Home Surveillance Systems: Investments That Protect Investments

With each click of the clock, time runs out for the “home team.” The passer heaves the oblong shape high into the air. The receiver weaves in and out between the obstacles on the grassy field and runs towards the thrown object. Then, he launches himself into the air, fully extending his arms. Just when the oblong shape seems destined to crash into the ground, the receiver cushions it with his hands, preventing a devastating loss. He then stands up, relieved that he caught…the crystal egg. In “Risky Business,” the film that made Tom Cruise a star, a high school senior’s home is robbed while his parents are away. The teen must then buy back everything from Guido, a ruthless hustler, before the former’s parents return from their out-of-town trip. “Risky Business” demonstrates the importance of using home surveillance systems to protect investments.

Investments Can Be Cheap
When we think of the word “investment,” what usually comes to mind is the spending of huge sums of money, on properties, paintings, or stocks. But an investment is actually the spending of money to increase the value of something, or to earn more money. For example, when you treat yourself to a special dinner at a sit-down restaurant; or take night classes to improve your career, you are actually making an investment in yourself! Probably the biggest investment that you will ever make is in a home. So, it is wise to use home surveillance systems to protect everything inside it. That includes your furniture, appliances, clothes, fancy silverware, computers, jewelry, and yes — crystal eggs.

Thwarting Theft
Home surveillance systems provide the most direct way to record a home burglary as it happens. However, they also serve as a useful deterrent to crime. There are many steps that can be taken to prevent burglaries.

* Never put objects of value, particularly those that can be carried off easily, near windows.

* A “beware of dog” sign can scare away thieves, even if you only have a goldfish.

* If a person comes to your front door and requests to use the phone, you should make the call.

* Buy a timer to turn lights inside the house on and off at different times. This will give the appearance that you are home even when you are not.

* Have a means to secure your garage door. And if you drive somewhere, never leave the garage door open.

* Every time you leave your home, lock the front door and bring along the key – even if you are only going to do yard work in your front or back yard.

Selecting a System
After all is said and done, however, the best tool for preventing theft at home is still a surveillance system. When choosing one, make sure to do your homework first. Some systems are more “mobile.” These include wireless cams with features such as audio and night vision. A CCTV lets you keep tabs on your home using a monitor. It is ideal for catching thieves – whether you are at home or not. Home surveillance systems can even include under-vehicle surveillance cameras placed in your car or truck. Whatever components you choose for your home surveillance systems, make sure that you pick one that meets your particular needs.

Investments can range from high-return mutual funds to Wacky Watermelon smoothies. In particular, purchases of home surveillance systems are valuable investments to protect your investment.

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