Factors To Take Into Consideration When Going For A Holiday Buy To Let

There are many factors which you have to take into account when deciding to take the plunge and go for a holiday buy to let.

Perhaps the biggest factor which you have to give some consideration to is how you are going to get your mortgage for your holiday buy to let property.

You can of course choose to search for a mortgage yourself but this takes time and you have to know what to look for and more importantly where to look. Those who are wise however choose to go with a specialist broker when it comes to securing their mortgage for their holiday let.

A holiday buy to let can be a great investment if you have done your homework thoroughly and go about it the right way. As a general rule of thumb the holiday let mortgage is a whole lot harder to arrange than a traditional mortgage. When it comes to the holiday buy to let you will find that the property will be excluded from many of the standard buy to let mortgage schemes and this is where a broker comes into their own in finding you the best deal.

In order for your holiday buy to let to be a great success you should consider the location of the property well before you even look for a broker. The location can make all the difference to your let being a great success or a failure, but providing you do your homework when it comes to location, holiday buy to lets can be a great investment. In addition to the money you can earn from letting your holiday home, you can also take advantage of the tax advantages that can be gained from owning a holiday let.

Again location does play a big factor in how well your holiday let will do and holiday lets have been known to achieve 25% increases in just one year. To take advantage of the tax breaks then you will of course have to meet some rules, for example your holiday let must be available for let for at least 140 days throughout the year and you must actually let it for at least 70 days during the year.

When you have taken all this into account then there is nothing stopping you from going ahead with your dream of owning a holiday let. The final step is to find yourself a specialist broker to take car of your mortgage and find you the best deal.

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