Enticement For Unsuspecting Customers

Cut-throat competition is the reality of today due to the huge surplus of sellers. As a result, today’s world is marked by constant contests of supremacy among product and service providers. How can they see to it that their sales revenues rise higher than those of their nearest competitors? Well, they do what the snake tried to do in the Garden of Eden. Instead of the apple that Eve was tempted to take a bite of, the companies of today offer freebies to every willing customer. From free gifts to discounts and sales, customers are really being indulged these days.

A terrific illustration of how brands try to pamper their customers is seen in the department stores of this day. Walk into a decently large department store, get a bill of more than a certain amount, and get ready to be attacked by discount coupons and freebies of all kinds. From beauty products at bargain-basement prices to electronic goods with a whole lot of free add-ons, to discount coupons to the newest restaurants — these are a sample of the kinds of bonuses that consumers are given. The primary aim is to buy the loyalty of unsuspecting customers.

A very good example that shows how the providers of various services attempt to win over the customers is that of credit cards. If you look at it objectively, a credit card is at heart nothing but a loan given on the basis of one’s income. Yet, credit cards have now transformed into twenty-first century status symbols. Like cars and houses in posh localities, the greater the number of credit cards that you have, the greater are your current income levels. Yet, is it really fair to describe credit cards as being an accurate symbol of your monetary position? Just look at all the discounts that they offer to make sure that more and more people buy their credit cards.

First of all, credit cards are no longer limited to only the filthy rich. Middle income groups can also avail of these cards these days. Moreover, the options of cash back credit cards make it a viable option for people who have made a spending budget of a certain amount on their credit cards. Some cards sell themselves on the basis of being interest-free for the first three months. Such offers easily win over those who choose not to to waste too much time doing research on the best buys in the market. Give away some freebies and you will return with heaps of clients.

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