Do YOU Call Yourself Black ?
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This is a quick survey to find out what we call ourselves.
Please do the survey, leave some comments and then share the survey with your friends, family and connections. Let’s get the discussion going.

'Do YOU Call Yourself Black ?' was a question that came up at as we were creating one of our pages, Black People And the Law Of Abundance.

'Should we even be using the term or generalisation BLACK ?'

There are so many opinions within our diverse community on this subject.

We think it's a very interesting topic to discuss. There are groups that will advocate 100% that we are black and will deny any other description. There are also groups at the other end who will give political and legal reasons why under no circumstances should we use the term black as a description for ourselves.

So we thought let's ask everyone in our great and widespread community what they think about the question......

Do YOU Call Yourself Black ?

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