Discover Motiva Card Rewards Customers For Good Credit Management

The newly launched Discover Motiva credit card is designed to reward customers for good financial management. Through its pay-on-time bonus and cash back features, Motiva offers cardholders two ways to earn money. With the Discover Motiva card, consumers do not have to be high spenders to be rewarded.

Pay-on-time Bonus

Those who hold a Discover Motiva Card will receive bonuses for making on-time payments. An on-time payment refers to paying at least the minimum payment due on or before the due date. When customers meet this requirement for six consecutive months, they will receive the following month’s interest back as a pay-on-time bonus. Over the course of twelve months, cardholders will have the opportunity to receive two bonuses. This is equivalent to having two interest-free months. In this way, Discover rewards balance-carrying customers who make their payments on a timely basis.

Cash Back

In addition to the pay-on-time bonus, the Discover Motiva Card offers a cash back rewards program. Cardholders will have the opportunity to earn up to 1% cash back on all purchases. Customers can choose from a variety of redemption options for their rewards. They can even have the cash applied directly to their monthly statement, providing them with a way to pay down their balances quickly. Discover offers cardmembers the chance to increase, and even double, their rewards by redeeming the cash back bonus for gift cards from over 70 brand-name partners.

Discover Motiva Card gives customers other opportunities to earn even more cash back. Cardmembers will receive 5-20% cash back when they make purchases through Discover Card’s online shopping site, which includes online retailers such as Target. and Barnes&Noble.

Additional Features

The Discover Motiva Card offers additional features to help facilitate on-time payments for customers. Cardholders are able to choose the due date they wish to use for making payments. This allows them to set up a payment schedule that best fits their financial needs.

Customers also have the chance to sign up for free email reminders. These messages include reminders for upcoming due dates and other important notices. This feature helps customers remember to make their payments and avoid costly fees.

Discover allows cardholders to make payments online or by phone. They can do this, even on the due date, with no extra charge. This provides customers with more opportunities to receive the pay-on-time bonus.

In addition to rewarding customers for paying on time and offering cash back on purchases, the Discover Motiva card has no annual fee. The card includes a 3.9% introductory rate on purchases. It also offers a 3.9% APR on balance transfers until 2010. The regular APR for the Discover Motiva Card is relatively low for those with good credit.

For years, Discover has developed programs to reward its cardholders. Today, with over 50 million cardmembers, Discover now offers a new award for those who make payments on time. This came in response to customers who felt the rewards programs by some credit card companies only benefited high spenders. With Discover Motiva Card, customers do not have to make large purchases to receive rewards. This card is designed for those with good credit who want to be rewarded for careful financial management.

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