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The Discover credit card made its world debut in 1985 when it was introduced by Sears. It quickly developed popularity in the competitive world of credit cards because it offered a cash back rewards that offered as much as one percent back on certain purchases, it had no annual fees, was the only card accepted by the United States Customs Service which meant it could be used to pay customs duty. In 1997 Discover credit card became a part of the Morley Stanwood empire when the Dean Witter discover group merged with Morley Stanwood.

While Discover has popular national acceptance and is beginning to enjoy some world wide exposure it is not readily accepted in Europe.

On the Discover Credit Card home page customers can apply for the Discover Platinum Credit Card. Customers who apply for and receive a Discover Platinum Credit Card will not be charged and annual fee not will there be a balance transfer fee. Discover employs a zero percent interest rate for the first twelve months of card ownership. Discover offers a five percent cash back. Discover gives customers a five percent cash back bonus on some purchases and a one percent cash back bonus on all purchases. Customers are not responsible for fraud liability.

When an applicant files an online application for a Discover credit card they will be given an option of three card designs to choose from. They could pick the simple silver card with the Discover card logo, the American flag design, or the clear blue design.

As a part of its customer incentive program Discover Card offers a program called ShopDiscover. ShopDiscover offers extra high cash percentage, sometimes as much as twenty percent bonuses at such stores as Barnes and Noble, FTD, and when you shop online.

In addition to the ShopDiscover program Discover card offers a five percent on when customers buy airline tickets, rent cars, take a train or bus, or go on cruises. Discover also offers random five percent cash back bonuses four times a year. Customers are encouraged to watch their e-mails and account statements to fully enjoy these periods.

Discover Card is famous for offering a one percent bonus on all purchases.

For Businesses there is the Discover Business Card. This card gives businesses the opportunity to earn five percent cash back purchase bonuses when they use the card to buy office supplies, two percent when they use the card to purchase gas, and a one percent bonus on all other purchases.

In addition the ever popular platinum card Discover offers a gas card, a student card, and the miles card. They also have prepaid gift cards available that can be purchased for any denomination for any amount between $20.00-$500.00. With each purchase of a Party Balloon card Discover card will make a five percent donation to the Make a Wish Foundation.

The Discover Card Company is very proud of their customer service department. The customer service desk features a one minute holding time for all calls and is open twenty-four hours a day. The customer service department can help with everything from replacing cards, adding an extra person to the account, questions, and changes of address.

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