Disability Insurance As An Income

Financial experts confirm that a solid income foundation includes disability income insurance. This strategy comes from the obvious need to protect your future income and yourself in case of an accident or death. During your working career the chances of getting injured are something to take notice of.

Disability Insurance And Why You Need It

Most people aren’t aware of the chances of getting injured or the devastation a lack of income can cause. Not to sound too pessimistic, but a study was done to look at what the chances of becoming disabled before your retire are. For men, in the USA, there is 43% chance of a long term disability, and sorry ladies, it is a 54% chance for you.

Does Disability Insurance Offer A Solution?

You should take a rational look at what would happen if income stopped for a long period of time, or worse, for the rest of one’s life. Take the time to investigate, learn about, and then consider purchasing a disability insurance policy. Investigate how a life insurance company defines their disability insurance contract. Pay close attention to make sure they define disability insurance, such as the inability to perform the duties of one’s own occupation. You can do your investigation with the internet; there is plenty of information available.

What Does A Good Disability Insurance Policy Contain?

Look for a policy that contains a generous recovery and residual benefit. This is coverage in the event that if you are unable to continue to work or have to work part time or at a reduced output. This will allow you time to rebuild your business, while you recover. Consult an independent life insurance broker to sit down with you and discuss your disability insurance options. With a little effort, you can better prepare yourself with proper disability insurance.

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