Debt Termination Plan

How do you feel when your bills arrive each month? Do you get that dreaded feeling where it feels like your heart is sitting in your throat, or do you see that you owe little of no money on your bills? Sound like a dream? Its not!

Let me explain in more detail. After reading a book many years ago from an author called John Burley, he referred to a program called Debt Termination Plan. In simple terms, this plan took a look at all your outgoing expenses, and looked at the minimum amount required to pay each month and divided by the debt for each of those items. This would then produce a ratio and give you the order in which to pay off those debts, and if performed correctly, it meant you could eliminate your debt in seven years or less!

One of the problems that we come across on a regular basis with our prospective home buyers, is that they do earn enough money to afford to pay off their own home, but they have not got the right formula to eliminate their debt in a way that makes them feel they are making steady progress. To address this problem, we came up with a more automated way of processing a Debt Termination Plan that was interactive with our clients. At the We Buy Homes web site, we have made a page that helps its visitors anywhere in the world to work our a Debt Termination Plan that is just right for each person.

Once you establish a plan, you have something to work with to measure and track your success. However, its not just your debts that need to be serviced and eliminated. You still have the monthly, quarterly and yearly bills that will arrive whether you like it or not. We have found the following method to be most helpful to achieving better financial health:

1. Look at your regular bills and what they cost on average per pay cycle. By this we mean, if you get paid monthly, then average these expenses out monthly.

2. Find out how you can setup an automatic payment immediately after you get paid, to deposit this average monthly amount to the companies who regularly send you a bill (phone, power etc).

3. Monitor these payments from month to month, just to be sure you are not paying too much. While you want your bills to have little or no money owing on them when you receive them, it does not make any sense to be in major credit either.

When you learn to follow these three simple steps above combined with the Debt Termination Plan, you will be amazed at how quickly you will get control of your finances, and work towards a better future.

So what are you waiting for? Get started to stress free money management today. You will be glad you did.

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