Debt Management Primer

Credit is essential these days. A person needs credit to be able to do almost everything, from buying a car to getting a utility turned on. Bad credit can be quite costly. That is why debt management is so important. Debt management is the way you acquire and handle your debt so that you can afford it.

The key to debt management is understanding your finances. You have to have a budget and you have to know what you can and can not afford. That may seem simple, but credit is actually designed to help you get what you can not afford and that is why many people end up with credit problems.

The whole idea of credit is to offer you a loan so you can buy something you would otherwise not be able to afford. You are borrowing money. The simplest way to avoid debt is to not borrow at all, but then you would not be building your credit, which, as mentioned is very important. You have to learn how to borrow responsibly.

You have to be smart about credit and debt. Part of good debt management is setting limits for yourself. Do not let your debt get out of control. You can use credit cards or get loans as long as you can afford them. Most people get some type of loan during their life. A good example is an auto loan. Most people can not afford to pay upfront for a car, so they get a loan.

For someone who is careful about their debt, they will make sure they can afford the loan. They will figure it into their expenses and if they can not afford it they will pass it up and try a different option. Someone who is not managing their debt would simply take the loan and figure out how they could afford it later. This is what leads to debt problems.

Debt management involves going through your finances. You have to list all of your expenses and you income. Your expenses should never be more than your income. If this is the case then you need to learn how to manage your debt. You may have to cut expenses, if at all possible to get them lower than your debt.

Once you understand your debt you can then manage it. Lets say your expenses per month are $1000 and your income is $1500. You would have $500 extra each month. You have some options of what you can do with that money. You could put it into a savings account where it will build interest.

You could pay extra on some of outstanding debt to help pay it off sooner or you could take on more debt. The chose is yours, but always keep in mind that you should never spend more than you make or you will fall victim to bad credit and debt.

By conducting good debt management you will find yourself enjoying a good credit rating. This will open many doors for you and allow you more financial freedom.

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