Debt Counselling Is Never Free

On hearing the word free, many people immediately close their ears to what comes next and jump on the offer made. When you are searching for a way to get out of a lot of debt, it pays to avoid your old habits and look deeper into a matter when the word free is uttered. One way to go about this is to find out exactly what is free in the offer. Those opting for debt counselling services, for example, should keep in mind that no service is ever free. Instead, it is some of the aspects of the process that are free. One example is the idea of the free debt consolidation quote.

These quotes often come about in the process of consumer debt counseling. One of the first steps in this process is research, and a quick look on the Internet will demonstrate that there are plenty of companies offering free quotes. Because of the abundance, it is advisable to apply for a few of these to make sure that you can find the best deal. Remember that if the search is registered and forwarded to your credit card that you might recieve a mark on your credit history, so you will want to apply to discrete companies and possibly limit the number you apply for if you have a poor credit history.

IN order to receive the quote you will need to fill in forms that clarify certain information, including your personal contact infromation such as phone number and address as well as the amounts of your outstanding debts and who the money is owed to. Once this information has been submitted, the company with whom you applied will assess the application and determine if you should be contacted for a discussion. SOme companies will use this opportunity to pitch a hard sell as to why you should use their particular loan; remember that you are still in the decision making process and that there is no obligation to use the company at this time. The free quote should give you an idea of which of the comapnies you short listed will fit in with the plans you have for your financial future.

As far as free debt consolidation goes, there are a number of source available. THere are many non-profit debt counseling operations that have websites where they make their information available to the public. Many of these sites will offer sound advice on avoiding shady lenders who offer great deals on loans as well as pointing out options beyond taking out a consolidation loan. Remember to check the website to see if there are any advertisments, especially from financial institutions who are using the organization to further their own profits. When free advice is also sponsored by a certain company, it is a pretty safe bet that the person checking the advice is being led towards a specific goal that is in the best interest of the sponsor rather than the client.

The Internet is a great tool for exploring the free aspect of debt reduction, as there are many different sites available both for quotes and for advice. Remember that shopping carefully is the key, and that you should compare as many compannies as you can. Further, avoid any companies that claim to offer a free loan, because these in fact are never free.

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