Credit Consolidation Can Help With Harassing Creditors

Do you only make the minimum payment on your credit cards or debt loans? Do you charge most of your daily expenses to your credit cards, while carrying outstanding balances from month to month? If you answered yes to either question, you should probably take a closer look at your finances as there is a good possibility you have more debt than you should. Fortunately, you have options. There are many companies offering free consumer debt consolidation services and even some banks now offer consolidation loans. The benefits will be a small required monthly payment, lower interest rates and one step closer to being debt-free. Your consolidation consultant will also help provide relief from harassing creditors and will work with the creditors on your behalf.

Once you contact a credit consolidation service, the consultant assisting your matter will assess the situation based on information you provide as well as your credit profile and the amount you can afford each month. The consultant will determine the best debt solution for you to most quickly repay your debt. The most common loans and bills debtors seek to consolidate are credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, gas cards, automobile loans, department store cards and back taxes owed. All or some of these, depending on your situation, can be consolidated into one loan converting the previous multiple payments into one monthly payment. Review your outstanding debt and calculate how long it will take to repay without debt consolidation and how much you will spend on interest alone. Then, compare your numbers to your repayment situation if you do take a debt consolidation loan.

Debt consolidation companies work with your creditors to agree to terms beneficial to both you and the creditors. Creditors are typically willing to work with the consolidators as they would rather be repaid at a lower interest rate than not repaid at all. It is important to understand, though, that a debt consolidation loan is a secured loan, similar to a second mortgage. Your unsecured debt, such as credit cards, will convert into secured debt once consolidated. If you were to file bankruptcy after consolidating your debt, the creditor could take the asset securing the loan if the asset.

After assessing your situation and considering all of the details of debt consolidation, you will find that it is likely still in your best interest. You can pay a lower interest rate, reduced monthly payments and pay a single payment rather than multiple. There is less hassle each month and improved sense of control over your finances.

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