Credit Cards For Travelers – What Are Your Options?

If you travel a lot, then you probably already know the value (and necessity) of having a good credit card with you. The truth is, though, that some types of credit cards are more valuable than others when it comes to traveling and the benefits you can receive. Here are some things that you should know about when you are looking for that just right credit card for traveling.

What Kind Of Travel?

Getting the best credit card for a traveler depends on what kind of travel you do. There are two different kinds of cards that you need to choose from, and that is determined by how you travel – by air or by car. Both cards can come with similar options, once this is decided. Most of them will give you rebates, discounts, or free hotel stays, cash back on restaurants, car rentals, and other purchases.

Air Miles Cards

If you choose an air miles credit card, then once again you have two main options. Do you want to go with an airline card, or a bank card? A credit card put out by an airline company is usually made just for that airline. In other words, you get the best discounts and air miles when you travel on that airline. This could be a great deal if that airline is available at your nearest airport, and at your usual destination city. But, if that is not the case, then you will probably want to get an air miles bank card, which will give you about the same points on any airline, and will give you a wider variety of benefits to choose from. Some of these cards will allow you to use your points toward cruises, too.

Credit Cards For Drivers

These credit cards have a number of great benefits, too. Most will give you real good points for gasoline and car repairs and maintenance. Some of these credit cards for drivers have a variety of different benefits that you will need to think about before you get one. For instance, a couple of these credit cards will allow you to save your points and use them toward the purchase of either a new or used car. Other cards simply give you cash back for your points, and some allow you to use them toward car repairs.

Other Features

Nearly all credit cards come with other options, too – but these are not all equal in value to you. If you have any other outstanding credit card debt, then you will want to make sure you get a good deal on balance transfers. Many credit cards will allow you to make balance transfers without any fees, and 0% interest for the life of the transfer. Also, be sure to find out what fees apply to the credit card, and what interest rate you have when the introductory offer runs out.

Credit cards usually have a lot of small print – and you don’t want to avoid reading it just because it is small. Actually, it will only effect how much you pay each month and how much your actual benefits are reduced each month. By doing some careful comparison shopping, you should be able to find the right credit card that will allow you to have some significant savings as you travel.

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