Credit Card Authorisation Advice

Most of us use credit or debit cards regularly, and normally there are no problems verifying that these cards belong to us. However, sometimes there are extra security measures or technical problems that make it hard to verify if a card belongs to someone or not. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a number of steps you can take to resolve the situation.

Entering the wrong PIN

If you have a number of cards or are just in a rush, it can be easy to enter the wrong PIN in a cash machine or retail machine. If this happens, you have two more chances to enter the right PIN. Sometimes software error can cause your PIN to not be authorised, especially in handheld chip and PIN machines. If you are unsure of your PIN then stop trying. If you enter the wrong PIN three times then your card will be locked and you will have to call your card issuer to sort out the situation.

Phoning your card issuer

When you need to sort out any disputes or get some questions answered by your card issuer, you will likely need to provide some information. Simply providing your card number and name will not be enough, and either your credit limit, date of birth or bank statement details will also need to be provided. Although this may seem like a tedious process, it is for your own security.

Shop authorisation on the phone

When you buy something from a shop, there are times when extra information is required. These checks are usually done by the card company and are random, and help to monitor security levels. You will usually be asked for some extra personal information or card details in order to verify your purchase. If this happens to you, don’t think you are in trouble, just remember that it is all for your own safety and security.

If your card is denied

There is a possibility that even if you have enough credit your card will be denied. This might mean your card has been used illegally, or simply that the authorisation system is not working properly and your card cannot be verified. Try and remain calm and don’t panic, as this can happen to anyone at any time. You can always try the card again, but if it doesn’t work you will need to use another card or phone up your card issuer immediately. Usually the problem can be sorted very quickly.

Signing for your purchases

If you go anywhere and you are still asked to sign for your goods instead of using Chip and PIN, then be very cautious. Everywhere should get you to use Chip and PIN now, and if they don’t they are putting you and themselves at a greater risk of fraud. Make sure that proper authorisation is given before paying for anything at all. This will help your card to remain safe and secure.

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