Collection Tactics….Win The Game!

Have you ever wondered why things happen in multiples? Many times it is of our own doing, but sometimes there seems to be some unseen force creating these problems. More later!

An analysis of your credit report will probably give you an indication of how certain entities operate. Check the dates of entries, check the validity of the debt, check the amount of the debt, check how many times the same debt has been entered. These are just a few of the easily falsified entries that are never checked or challenged. Indications are that at least 75% of the reports are incorrect or deliberately incorrect.

On the subject of credit reports: It is your responsibility to make sure the entries are correct. Credit reporting agencies do not care if the information presented to them by collection agencies is accurate or not! Be aware of the fact that credit reporting agencies receive a lot of money from collection agencies, etc. Memberships by agencies, banks and the like make their existence possible! It does not matter if the reports were deliberately false, or made out of spite, or even entered with false dates, amounts or nonexistent entities.

While the above paragraph paints a dismal picture, the actions are indeed illegal, and too often go unchallenged, because people are unaware of the situation or are so intimidated by the reporters of information that they reluctantly accept them.

To refer back to the first statement (things happen in multiples): Many times when a collection agent looks at a credit report he/she sees numerous accounts in arrears and assumes that the individual in question does not challenge reports or does not know about the reports and assumes he/she can be easily intimidated and coerce the debtor into quick pay. Additional information included in the credit report also includes where the individual is employed and if payments have been forthcoming to other entities so the agent again assumes the person desires to pay the debts.

By the time the debt reaches this point so many penalties, interest and other charges have been added that the original debt is multiple times the original amount. This profiteering is why agencies are so incessant in their intimidation. Remember the agents are experienced in this “profession”.

It is imperative that you arm yourself with knowledge: Get a report of your credit and determine if the information is correct. You can easily acquire the information you need to challenge the debt, stop harassing phone calls, require proof of debt and overall resist unruly intimidation tactics. See below.

An important additional step is to get control of your finances (never let a collection agency control yours). There are numerous books and institutional entities that offer great advice and help. BUT be aware that many widely advertised debt relief and advisory services are worse than the collection agencies in reliability and honesty.

One last word: Never Make Your Financial Decisions Out Of Fear!

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