Collection Agencies And Credit Card Debt

Though you’re in debt at this time, if you dig down deep and decide to fight for your financial freedom back, you can surely find a solution. Credit repair becomes a necessity in some of our lives at times since we do not always have great debt management skills going into adulthood.

The creditors that have lent us money are doing so in good faith and under the assumption that they will be paid back, and paid back on time. However, these are people too and what they really want is their money back, and so on that note are usually willing to extend the amount of time for you to pay them back, instead of dealing with all of the inconveniences of reporting you and such. Not only that but they’re also hoping that you’ll be a returning customer too.

The lenders are often thought of as the enemy but the real vicious ones are the collection agencies that get handed your files when you do not pay or contact the lender to let them know that you do plan to pay. These collection agencies will stoop to all new lows just to find you, even if it means breaking the law to get to you. The reason being that they’re paid a commission for every debt that the recover.

Your best defense, or offense I should say is to get ahead of the game. This is the ultimate weapon against the collection agencies, the same people who could really care less about you, whether it’s intimidating you to give them your last dollar that will feed your kids, or from dropping dead from a heart attack because of the stress. So, getting your credit card debt, and other loan balances paid off before they have a chance to get to you, is the offense of choice.

You’ll want to contact each creditor, let them know that you’re having some problems, but that you’re setting up a budget in order to pay them. This same budget that you truly are creating is what’s going to help you break through all of your debt. After setting up your budget plan, you then want to check out the balances in your checking and savings accounts, and note how much money you have in each.

If managing money is not your strongest point, you can actually open an account at Paypal, which will then give you a chance to get a debit card. This will help you if you want to make purchases that you couldn’t make without a credit card, such as renting a car. Also, you can also get back money for using the card, so paying your bills with the debit card, which is directly connected to your bank account anyways, can earn you up to 1% of your money back. May not seem like a lot but it adds up rather quickly.

There are many available resources to you if you’re still having trouble with your debt. The resources that don’t add on to your existing debts are the best ones to go with when in your situation.

There are even government loans and grants to those who have a low income, and are in trouble with their credit. You also have debt consolidation, and bankruptcy options to choose from if things turn extremely grim. Be careful and responsible in all of your choices.

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