Cheap Loan Protection Insurance Could Help Stop You From Getting Into Debt

Cheap loan protection insurance could help stop you from getting into debt providing that you understand the product and the exclusions that exist in all policies of this nature. The cover can be an expensive addition to a loan but it can also give great peace of mind when purchased correctly and you can get loan protection insurance cheaply if you choose to buy it independently by shopping around.

Loan payment protection insurance is also sold under the name of ASU insurance and can give you a tax free income each month with which to continue paying your monthly loan repayments if you should come out of work after suffering an accident, sickness or due to unemployment of no fault of your own. The cover would begin to payout after you had been out of work for a set period of time which can be from the 31st day with some providers but as long as the 90th with others and once the cover has started it would then give you a tax free income each month you were out of work for up to 12 months and with some insurers up to 24 months.

Cheap loan protection insurance can be a valuable lifeline as even if you qualify for help from the State, the help you get might not be enough to allow you to continue paying your essential outgoings such as loan or credit card repayments. While it can give peace of mind and security it isn’t suitable for all circumstances and the exclusions in the policies small print determine if it would be suitable for yours. Some common exclusions which can be found in all policies include only working part time, being retired, self-employed or having a pre-existing medical condition.

It is essential that you get your quotes from specialists in payment protection not only to get cheap loan protection insurance premiums but also to benefit from the experience that a specialist can give so that you can be sure a policy is suited to your needs.

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