Changing With The Ever-Changing Times

Change is the name of the game today. We all look forward to better options which can make our lives better and easier. Convenience wins out over qualities such as loyalty, steadiness, and discipline. In the fast-paced world of today, speed and convenience top the list of people’s greatest demands. Today’s people prefer to fly rather than take the train. We call and text each other at the drop of a hat. The Internet has ended up making our lives busier than ever as instant noodles stop being the only “instant” thing in the world. Living in the moment has acquired a whole new meaning even as we place more and more stress on getting things done as soon as possible.

It is no wonder that money is being edged out as the preferred mode of payment. And which mode of payment is preparing itself to reign supreme over the world in the near future? There are no prizes for guessing this one. Yes, you are right. It is the credit card. Clearly, the credit card today has advantages that money itself lacks. It is compact and can be carried any and everywhere. If you do lose it somehow, the money will not get pinched — at least, not if you react on time by calling the cops and the credit card company.

Then again, with the growth of e-commerce, I wonder where we would be without the power of the credit card. Enter your card number into the box that is shown on the screen and rest assured that the product that you are buying will be shipped to you pretty soon. These are conveniences that money does not have the ability to offer.

There is also your ability to switch from one credit card provider to another. “Brand loyalty” is just a set of two words that mean very little in today’s rapidly changing world. We all want value for our money, and we want it now. It is no wonder that people are willing to give up on their current credit card only so that they can get a better deal somewhere else. A lower rate of interest is always appreciated by people looking to lower their expenses. I suppose, everybody falls into that category. Then, if you already have a credit card account, you can switch to another with a lower interest rate, especially if the latter offers a zero percent balance transfer. Today’s world offers us many such conveniences. Why shouldn’t we try to avail of them?

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